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  • Patpela Ananit (Fat Ass) 50km--December 1999 (Photos by Chris Scott)

  • Runners before the start
  • Coleen, friend, and Chris

    JFK 50--November 1999 (Photos by Chris Scott)

  • Lead pack at start
  • Phil Young on Rte 40
  • Derrick Carr at Cramptons
  • Frank Probst at Cramptons
  • Tom Green at Cramptons
  • Phil Young at Cramptons
  • Al Schumm at Cramptons
  • Peyton Robinson at Cramptons
  • Roger Allison at Cramptons
  • Anstr Davidson at Cramptons
  • Courtney Campbell winning the race
  • Ian Torrence finishing 4th
  • Derrick Carr at the finish
  • Supporter crews Jane Carr and Brenda Davidson at Cramptons
  • Jane, David Horton, and Brenda

    Potomac Heritage Trail 50km--November 1999 (Photos by Chris Scott)

  • Dan Grayson and friends
  • Joe and Carolyn sprinting to the tape
  • Along the river--Janet, Phil, and Jeanne
  • Lou, Phil, and Janet at a waterfal
  • Phil and Janet at Roosevelt Island
  • Jeanne at new bridge over Spout Run
  • Janet and Lou at chimney along the river

    Potomac Heritage Trail 50km--November 1999 (Photos by Larry DeHof)

  • At the Start
  • Fort Marcey
  • A turkey (r) shows up at Turkey Run
  • Turkey Run
  • Turkey Run

    Mt. Masochists Trail Run--October 1999 (Photos by Chris Scott) 

  • John DeWalt--Chris misses a shot of the moon
  • It wouldn't be Masochists without the bus ride: Chris, Keith, Colleen, Joe, and Scott

    Angeles Crest 100 Miler--September 1999(Photos by Chris Scott)

  • Finisher Paul Walczak 
  • Scott Mills and Derrick Carr before the start
  • Ian Torrence, unknown, Scott Jurek before start--(winner Tom Nielson has back to camera at left)
  • Start
  • Ian at Inspiration Point--Mile 9
  • Scotty at Inspiration
  • Derrick at Inspiration
  • The Ultimate Crew, Jane Carr after Baden-Powell
  • Jean Mason leading Scotty at Cloudburst Summit (Mile 33)
  • Jeff Washburn finishes is 9th, and next-to-last 100 miler of the year!

    Wasatch Front 100 Miler--September 1999(Photos by Chris Scott)

  • Chris made me put this in!
  • Sign says it all--just before "Chinscraper"
  • Mt. Timpanagos, the backdrop of the finish at Sundance | View Full Screen
  • From Katherine's Pass to lake of same name
  • John Medinger with Chris at start
  • José Wilke--does he look like this is his 11th of the year?!
  • Chris's crew, Colleen at sunrise
  • Chris at mile 23
  • Chris a top Kathrine's Pass--one of few to get there in daylight (on Thurs before the race)

    Leadville Trail 100 Miler--August 1999(Photos by Chris Scott)

  • King Jordan on the trail
  • King at the finish
  • King crossing the finish line
  • Dennis Herr at finish
  • Ryan Manning
  • Ryan at Twin Lakes
  • Ryan (r) at finish
  • Shelley and Andy Wunsch coming into Twin Lakes
  • Andy at finish
  • Terry Hawk at finish

    WDF Training Run--August 22 (Photos by Larry DeHof)

  • Group at the start
  • At half way--note the perspiration

    Crappy pictures by Anstr of same deal.

  • Group before the run
  • A stream crossing
  • WDF management

    Catherine's Fat Ass 25 Miler--August 7 (Photos by Anstr Davidson)

  • The runners before the start
  • Photo Opportunity at the top of the first hill
  • The yellow trail
  • The aid station
  • No one drinking beer at post event picnic

    Laurel Highlands Trail Run--June 12 (Photos by Gordon Smith)

  • The Start of the Last LHT under the "old" format
  • The VHTRC contingent--Prasad Gerard (3rd), Chris Scott (4th), and Jeanne Christie (1st Woman)
  • Chris Scott

    The Davidson's Run und Fest--June 27 (Photos by Gary Knipling and Brenda Davidson)

  • The Hardcore Starters from the house: Bill Sublett, Anstr, Bill Wandel, Russ, and Mark
  • Post run shower: Anstr, Mark, Bill, and Russ
  • Grazing: Charlie, Mitch, Susan, Mellissa, Barbara
  • Steve, Susan's husband, Carolyn, Susan
  • Larry and Jeanne
  • Barbara and Bill
  • Julianna and Joe
  • Renee, Anstr, and Amy
  • Group under the awning
  • Randy and Sharon
  • Mitch and Charlie
  • Joe and Frank
  • Anstr and Brenda

    Laurel Highlands--June 12 (Photos by Larry DeHof)

  • Jeanne Christie
  • Chris Scott
  • Jeanne crossing Route 30 (or is it 31?)
  • Prasad Jerard (r)
  • John DeWalt ran with Jeanne
  • Art Moore who finished 17 of 20 LHT's

    Volunteers Party--May 22--at the Capital Yacht Club (Photos by Larry DeHof)

  • Larry and Carolyn dancing (Anstr and Brenda in background)
  • Anstr dancing
  • Stan, Margie with friend in between and Colleen in background
  • Joe and "Hips" Stan in the cool shirts!
  • Directors with their prizes--(standing) Anstr, Scotty, Ed, Robin and Michelle, with Joe and Jeanne below
  • Jeanne (standing), Dan, Marty Steve, and wives
  • Ryan, Mark, and Gordon and date
  • Scott, Peyton, Jeff and wife (Colleen standing in back)
  • Bill, Barbara, Bill V., Randy, Sharon
  • Carolyn and friend
  • Joe and Gary
  • Scotty (off camera), Robin, Michelle, Brenda, Jean, Carl Newby (at right)
  • The Hasbeens

    HAT Run 50km--March 20 (Photos by Gordon Smith)

  • Julia Heemstra
  • Robin Kane

    HAT Run 50km--March 20 (Photos by Karsten Brown)

  • Carolyn Wilson & Kim Weisgerber at the halfway point
  • James Moore and Bill Sublett enjoy post-race activities

    Catoctin Trail 50km--March 13 (Photos by Gary Knipling)

  • Winner Joe Clapper in the snow
  • Anstr on the rocks

    Catoctin Trail 50km--March 13 (Photos by Scott Rafferty)

  • Gary and Anstr proudly display their finishers awards
  • Anstr and Gary coming back from the turn around
  • Anstr and Gary on the way back

    Redeye 50km--Jan 1 (Photo by Dan Grayson)

  • Larry, James, Tim, and Anstr

    Catoctin Trail 50km--March 13 (Photos by Larry DeHof)
  • On the trail (rare portion without snow).
  • At the third aid station.
  • More activity at the third aid station.
  • Joe contemplating the meaning of his victory. Anstr eating.
  • Jeanne Christie at third aid station.
  • Gary Knipling at post-race banguet.