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Potomac Overlook Trail Runs--Feb 6

Photos by Larry DeHof

BulletChecking out the Mad Bomber Hats
BulletRD Ed Demoney with the cool Mad Bomber gloves

Eagle Run--Eagle Run Sunday, Jan 99

Photos by Bob Coyne

BulletA cast of characters coming out from the scarry cave!
BulletOur leader--Gary talking as usual!
BulletGroup studiously checking things out in Gunston garden
BulletThis is definitely NOT an eagle!
BulletPeople actually running including Jeanne Christie and the running Moore family
BulletThree in the woods--are these Reston people?
BulletGunston Bay--where most of the eagles usually are
BulletThese are also NOT eagles--but they are closer!

Photos by Gary Knipling

BulletOutside the scarry cave!
BulletBack porch of Gunston Hall wiyh the late comers
BulletBack porch (46k higher quality shot)
BulletJoe, Carolyn, Derrick, Michelle, Robin
BulletBig gaggle of people who knows where!
BulletAt the post run reception
BulletLucia, James, and Rebecca

Photos by Larry DeHof

BulletGary gives the pre-run briefing
BulletLooking out over Pohick Bay
BulletMore looking at the bay
BulletExcellent view of people's back side
BulletOn the back porch of Gunston Hall
BulletAt the Mason Cemetary
BulletThe pizza!

Slug Redeye 50 km--Jan 1, 99

Photos by Rebecca Moore

BulletAt the start
BulletMore darkness at the start
BulletKeith, Julia, and Joe
BulletKeith and winner Julia (Gary and Joe in background)
BulletLawrence, Bill, Douglass, and Marrianne
BulletAnstr and James share victory accolades while "Hardcore" Knippling looks on in envy

Photos by Larry DeHof

BulletMerrianne and Douglas Brittain
BulletSainted race official, Rebecca Moore and the overall winner, Julia Heemstra
BulletAnstr and Lawrence showing that this was primarily eating with a little running mixed in. Bill Sublett squatting
BulletChief Slug and race organizer, Dan Grayson with Joe Clapper
BulletLiz Brandt watching James Moore finish in record time--or some time, anyway

JFK 50 Mile--November 98

Photos by Brenda Davidson

BulletBrigett Brunnick at Crampton Gap
BulletScott Mills at Crampton Gap
BulletFrank Probst at Crampton Gap
BulletKing Jordan at Crampton Gap
BulletKarsten Brown at Crampton Gap (Al Schumm in background)
BulletScott Rafferty at Crampton Gap
BulletBill Wandel and Anstr Davidson at Crampton Gap
BulletAnstr at wall on way out of Crampton Gap
BulletAl Schumm on tow path
BulletPeyton Robinson on the tow path
BulletAnstr on the tow path
BulletPhil Young at the finish
BulletAnstr at finish

Potomac Heritage Trail 50km--November 98

Photos by Larry DeHof

BulletGroup at the start
BulletScott Mills and Derrick Carr coming into Roosevelt Island parking lot.
BulletAt Roosevelt Island parking lot.
BulletAt Turkey Run.
Bullet"All-you-can-eat" at the end.

Newbie Run--October 98

Photo by Anstr Davidson

BulletParticipants in the October 1998 Newby Run from Fletchers Boat House.

Andiamo 45.5 Mile Run 1998

Photos by Brenda Davidson

BulletRunners at the start with Jeanne's banner. Here's a better quality version of the same picture from Larry DeHof. It's a longer download (87kb), however.
BulletRunners entering the first aid station.

The Chris and Joe B'Day 150 Mile Run--October 1998

Photos from Chris's Camera. Goodness knows who took them!

BulletJoe swinging from tree at start.
BulletJoe, Chris, and Roger Allison at finish.
BulletSunrise on Stoney Man Mountain (I think). Chris, John Dewalt, Joe, and Roger.

Bull Run Run--New Pictures

Photo from John and Dale Weitzel

BulletRATS (Reading Area Trail Runners) at Bull Run Run 98.

Photo by Gary Knipling--I think!

BulletJeanne Christie, our official photographer, at Bull Run Run

Anstr's B'day Run ~22 miles (6/28/98)

Photo by Brenda Davidson with Larry DeHof's Camera

BulletThe gang at the start: Robin, Michelle, Frank, Carolyn, Larry, Jeanne, Bill, and Anstr.

Laurel Highland Trail 70 Miler (6/13/98)

Photos by Jeanne Christie:

BulletChris Scott
BulletRobin Kane with crew Michelle
BulletRobin Kane
BulletLarry DeHof and Chris Scott
BulletChris Scott and Colleen Dulin
BulletLarry DeHof

Photos by Marty Szekeresh:

BulletJeanne Christie and Larry DeHof in rain
BulletChris Scott--up close!
BulletJeanne Christie with a wet Massi
BulletLary DeHof just after crossing Route 30

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