Hashawha Hills 50 km Trail Run Lottery Results

Important! The lists below are not the entrants list or the wait list. These are lists of people eligible to join those lists. We do not put anyone on either list automatically. You need to come back between January 15 and January 23 and take action to join the appropriate list.

Wait List Priority Codes

  1. None
  2. One to four finishes
  3. Unsuccessful applicants
  4. Five or more finishes
  5. Overall HH Champions or Prior HH RD
  6. Three time HH volunteer
Listed lowest to highest. Not all events use all these categories, but the categories used are in this order.

Max Entrants: 120
Lottery Number: 261
DOW Direction: UP
Total Applicants: 153
Lottery Winners: 120
Lottery Losers: 33

Eligible for Entrants List: These are the applicants who are eligible to pay and join the entrants list. "Rank" is the order in which they joined the list starting with the person on, or closest to the winning lottery number. If additional people from the top of the wait list were added to this list, their rank starts over at 1. This would have been their rank on the wait list if no one had been added to the entrants eligible list.

RankNamePriorityLot NumFinishes
1Meg RoqueNone2610
2Ronald Henry1-4 Fin2713
3Katie HarringtonNone2730
4Michael Jury1-4 Fin2753
5Jason Odam1-4 Fin2771
6Karen Ashbrook-BarnesNone2810
7John OplingerNone2980
8Sarah MikalauskasChamp3036
9Rachel Ridgway1-4 Fin3062
10Patrick Stem1-4 Fin3122
11Carrie Drummond1-4 Fin3202
12Ali Mohammed1-4 Fin3211
13Lorrin HarveyNone3220
14Rachel Temple1-4 Fin3232
15Geoffrey HemgenNone3250
16Scott Lee1-4 Fin3371
17Peter DiakPrior Loser3400
18Evan WeiselNone3690
19Tony MickPrior Loser3700
20Robert Perry1-4 Fin3752
21Jennifer MullenNone3760
22Kenneth CobbNone3820
23Jon Jester1-4 Fin3843
24Starla Snyder1-4 Fin3854
25Jamie Greenawalt5-21 Fin3867
26Michael YoderNone3960
27Sarah GrantNone4060
28Mark MisuliaNone4080
29Amy MusselmanNone4210
30Laura Yoder1-4 Fin4231
31Francesco Smith1-4 Fin4263
32Geoffrey MasonNone4280
33Doug Camann5-21 Fin4327
34Sara SepanskiNone4350
35Nikolas Harvan-MatosichNone4390
36Larry Ferguson1-4 Fin4462
37Kari BrownNone4490
38Greg Pituch1-4 Fin4671
39Samuel CannerNone4680
40Jon PerryNone4850
41Rachel Rosenblatt1-4 Fin4971
42Matt Craig5-21 Fin5016
43Alan MulindwaNone5130
44Chris Coder5-21 Fin5157
45Llewelyn EngelNone5190
46Rande BrownNone5220
47Carole Williamson5-21 Fin53711
48Miguel BarowskiNone5500
49Lindsey Weaver1-4 Fin5543
50Donald HalkeNone5550
51Lauren GablerNone5720
52Doug LevyNone5820
53Alicia HareNone5830
54Kenneth SwabNone5860
55Emily StemNone5890
56Jennifer DonahueNone6140
57Bruce JohnsonNone6190
58Erin Altemos1-4 Fin6202
59Sue Heineman1-4 Fin6211
60Dee Gager1-4 Fin6232
61Jessica Lucas-JudyNone6430
62Paul Aumayr1-4 Fin6541
63Robert HilliardNone6550
64Amanda WomackNone6710
65Hussein Ezzeldin1-4 Fin6722
66Shelly Cable5-21 Fin6779
67Emma DixonNone6840
68Jeffrey Ziegler-FisherNone7090
69Brett Martin1-4 Fin7123
70Stephanie DempseyNone7130
71Emaad BurkiNone7140
72Christiana Fogg1-4 Fin7164
73Jeremy BrownNone7280
74Dawn Gray1-4 Fin7523
75Dan JacobsNone7750
76Andy Dodge1-4 Fin7762
77JoAnne Smart1-4 Fin7792
78Cassandra Lizza1-4 Fin7814
79Davis RowanNone7930
80Simon ArendtNone8080
81Jeff ReedNone8140
82Ali EverhartNone8190
83Alejandro Cornejo WellingerNone8280
84Meranda Pierce5-21 Fin8325
85Peter Han1-4 Fin8412
86Tracey Thibodeau1-4 Fin8492
87Christopher Flint1-4 Fin8863
88Alexandra PassarelloNone8900
89Angelo Otterbein5-21 Fin8955
90Veronica Crawford1-4 Fin9021
91Jimm Ouellette1-4 Fin9214
92Amos Simms-SmithNone9230
93Levi MasonNone9280
94Judith Weber1-4 Fin9393
95Mac McComas1-4 Fin9481
96Robert Grolemund1-4 Fin9553
97Patrick BlairPrior Loser9630
98Genice Rill1-4 Fin9664
99Mark FortelkaNone9720
100Martin KleiberNone9810
101Christina WendelPrior Loser9840
102David MattersNone9850
103Daniel Cardenas1-4 Fin9871
104Carey Ahr1-4 Fin9903
105Patrick SnightNone9920
106Matt PalmNone9930
107Pat Gilbert5-21 Fin9968
108Ben WolfsonNone9970
109Jason MaruccioPrior Loser0000
110Andy ClarkNone0130
111Joe Hanle1-4 Fin0174
112Mark Peyton1-4 Fin0201
113Michele Jacoby1-4 Fin0251
114Mark Cable5-21 Fin0305
115Jake SturgillNone0320
116Paul Sherlock5-21 Fin0387
117Ryan Stuart1-4 Fin0423
118Scott WeinholdPrior Loser0550
119Joe BurkeNone0600
120Daisy Weill1-4 Fin0671

End of Those Eligible to Enter

Eligible to Join the Wait List: These are the people eligible to join the wait list with their wait list ranks. The rank assumes that everyone joins the list by the deadline. If anyone above you does not join, you will move up.

RankNamePriorityLot NumFinishes
1Alex St. Clair5-21 Fin0985
2Steve Coco5-21 Fin1055
3Adam Renninger5-21 Fin2495
4Taylor EarleyPrior Loser0770
5Chris BaileyPrior Loser1680
6Christian Stanton1-4 Fin2573
7Ted Murphy1-4 Fin0732
8Toby Ehrbaker1-4 Fin0792
9Angela Hayes1-4 Fin0892
10Brian Hapeman1-4 Fin1222
11Frank Middleton1-4 Fin1702
12Shannon Cebron1-4 Fin2222
13Bryan Slotterbach1-4 Fin2302
14Elaina Stanton1-4 Fin2532
15Wendy Conley1-4 Fin1021
16Kerry Shepherd1-4 Fin1511
17Patrick A. Stohrer1-4 Fin2111
18Chris White1-4 Fin2121
19Stephanie Gardner1-4 Fin2171
20Larry Thibodeau1-4 Fin2241
21Roxanna Strine1-4 Fin2331
22Sarah Colwell1-4 Fin2441
23Danielle ZhuNone0700
24Troy HornerNone0720
25Steve MooreNone1240
26Matt HolmesNone1310
27Gavin ThorpeNone1380
28Eliot GonzalezNone1520
29Anthony PangleNone1840
30Craig BeyerNone1960
31Joseph KilcoyneNone2020
32David GlassNone2060
33Mark MckennettNone2290