Hashawha Hills 50 km Trail Run

Westminster, Maryland
February 26, 2022

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There are 197 Applicants as of January 16, 2022 at 18:07

Wait List Priority Codes

  1. None
  2. One to four finishes
  3. Unsuccessful applicants
  4. Five or more finishes
  5. Overall Champions or Prior RD
  6. Three time volunteer
Listed lowest to highest.

Not all events use all these categories, but the categories used are in this order. Categories not used for this event are in gray. Those used but not relevant this year are gray, and in italics.

Here are the people who have applied to this point for the HH to be held on February 26, 2022. The lottery number for each applicant is listed in the first column.

The priority status applies only to the wait list. All applicants have an equal chance of initial entry.

You can see an unofficial version of the lottery with a hypothetical DOW number, see how the system works, and get a feeling for your chances. Hypothetical Lottery

* = Lottery number. You don't know whether this is a good number until the DOW closes on January 13.

008Carole Williamson60FEldersburg , MD104
009Molly Ritter35FArlington, VA01
010Judith Weber62FEllicott City, MD32
015Neal Barnaba43MSpring Grove, PA01
030Michael Stefanon53MManassas, VA22
041Jill Diss55FDarnestown, MD01
044Michael McQuarrie40MEdgewater, MD01
046Brian O'Connor56MSilver Spring, MD22
047Tara Mildenberger44FCentreville, MD01
051Sarah Mikalauskas42FNew Market, MD55
053Christiana Fogg44FKensington, MD32
054Scott Douglas57MMartinsburg, WV01
058Daniel Vasquez Cardona58MLaurel, MD01
059Sirisha Golla45FAshburn, VA22
061Larry Ferguson46MAlexandria, VA12
064Ryan Stuart48MAlexandria, VA32
068Michael Bottos61MAshburn, VA12
069Frank Middleton44MWestminster, MD12
070Michael Jury46MSpringfield, VA22
074Sue Heineman56FWashington, DC01
108Dee Gager57FFrederick , MD12
112Adeline Ntam42FSilver Spring, MD32
113Emma Dixon26FWashington, DC01
117Drew Schiavone37MFalling Waters, WV01
118Randy Querry55MNew Market, MD01
121Kevin Keck42MNew Freedom, PA01
130Jonathan Lang45MLutherville, MD01
136John Murrow40MCatonsville, MD01
137Neil Pareddy22MWashington, DC01
141Angela Huang36FMerrifield, VA01
146Justin Steele34MSharptown, MD01
148Valencia Hike41FMiddle River , MD01
150Angela Hayes52FOdenton, MD12
153Dipak Bhattacharyya58MFairfax, VA22
166Matt Craig49MBaltimore, MD54
178Kathleen Lee45FCentreville, MD01
181Pat Gilbert58MBaltimore, MD74
182John Marciari50MBaltimore, MD54
187Johanna McKenna34FSilver Spring, MD01
189Stephanie Gardner34FWestminster , MD01
191Martha Nelson40FWashington, DC01
207Gaynor Bourgeois53FTakoma Park, MD01
210Erin Altemos47MBaltimore, MD12
212Alan Johnson58MOcean View, NJ22
215Thomas Haine55MTowson, MD64
217Rachel Ridgway51FIjamsville , MD22
241Carol Joe32FAlexandria, VA01
244Matthew Bugin40MNew Kent, VA12
249Patrick Stem33MWestminster, MD12
260Bryan Slotterbach48MQuakertown, PA12
262Byrne Bacwaden48MMountain Province, Philippines01
267Doug Camann54MClarksboro, NJ64
270Christian Stanton48MFredericksburg, VA22
272Paul Sherlock65MArlington, VA64
281Jason Odam46MWestminster, MD01
306Ryan Cox37MDerwood, MD01
312John Orellano32MWashington, DC01
315Tommy Williams41MCatonsville , MD01
318Eric Eldridge53MReston, VA01
319Lindsey Weaver36FFrederick, MD22
320Lauren Taylor46FCentreville , MD01
323Billy Clem52MFrederick, MD32
325Kyle Imhoff31MWoodbridge, VA01
329Alex St. Clair46MAlexandria, VA32
333Patrick Kretzer51MAlexandria, VA01
340John Dennis41MSilver Spring, MD01
343Dustin Musselman33MMount Airy, MD01
344Toby Ehrbaker47MBel Aur, MD12
348Linda Boring57FPittsburgh , PA12
350Erin Kelman45MGermantown, MD01
358Gina Giordano54FMount Sinai , NY01
370Scott Lemmon52MMt Holly Springs, PA22
379Jon Jester62MMechanicsville, VA32
386Matt Burke34MCockeysville, MD01
390Chris Douglas47MBurke, VA01
396John Dubicki42MHanover, PA12
400Garry Young59MArlington, VA01
419Jason Maruccio45MPittsburgh, PA01
421Nick Pellegrini33MNottingham, MD01
423Mark Cable50MRuckersville, VA42
424Shelly Cable52FBedford, PA84
429Ricky Phillips32MHanover, MD01
430David Nicholson41MWashington, DC01
433Mark Carter47MMilton, DE01
438Sarah Colwell33FWestminster, MD12
439Christina Wendel31FBaltimore, MD01
446Francesco Smith67MScaggsville, MD32
448Robert Grolemund53MBroadlands, VA22
450Kibby Powell52FFrederick, MD22
454Rachel Temple44FAlexandria, VA22
458Scott Weinhold51MArlington, VA01
460Chris Beers-Arthur53MFrederick, MD32
467Cassandra Lizza41FLancaster, PA32
473Bob Coyne75MMt Airy, MD22
483Larry Huffman61MArlington, VA42
490Meghan Curley40FAnnapolis , MD22
503Makoto Suwa45MBethesda, MD01
521Brian Hapeman49MCharlottesville , VA22
523Andrew Ringlee41MAlexandria, VA01
524Ted Murphy45MBaltimore, MD22
529JoAnne Smart45FCharlottesville, VA22
530Jeffrey Klemm71MMcLean, VA32
533Tracey Thibodeau51FStafford, VA22
541Andrew Miller29MUpper Marlboro, MD01
543Al Diemel43MSalisbury , MD01
545Robert Cawood53MAnnapolis, MD12
554Amy Zbikowski43FCrofton , MD01
560David Ahn47MMount Laurel, NJ12
562Meranda Pierce47FMount Joy, PA54
569Claudia Guerrero Barrera41FRichmond , VA01
571Shannon Cebron30FBaltimore, MD22
574Tony Mick43MBoyds, MD01
582Chris Bailey47MKeedysville, MD01
587Bobby Molson31MArlington, VA01
588Dawn Gray47FClifton, VA22
589Matthew Erb43MAnnandale, VA12
592Daniel Callow26MAnnapolis, MD01
594Kristen Kelman33FGermatown, MD15
600Mike Myers48MBaltimore, MD01
601Justin Fabrizio39MBaltimore, MD03
613Patrick Blair40MCatonsville, MD01
620Aaron Schwartzbard44MWashington, DC25
624Genice Rill48FFinksburg, MD32
625Kennedy Hall23FArlington, VA01
626Nathaniel Corn42MCatonsville, MD32
627Brian Chiles48MWoodbridge, VA22
629Taylor Earley30FFrederick, MD01
631Chris Coder40MWestminster, MD64
641Doug Levy40MFalls Church, VA01
650Alexander Jeffers33MBethesda, MD01
654Carey Ahr45MFrederick, MD32
659Jimm Ouellette49MFairfax, VA32
661Jamie Greenawalt53FBedford , PA64
667David Wood59MAbingdon, MD32
668Patrick A. Stohrer47MFinksburg, MD03
671Michele Jacoby44FFrederick, MD12
680Daniel Jacobs30MFrederick, MD01
685Jill Robinson46FSeverna Park, MD01
689Jason Lawrence44MThurmont, MD12
690Hunt Bartine69MKennett, PA03
691Paul Meadows51MAlexandria, VA01
697Angelo Otterbein48MMonkton, MD42
698Peter Diak43MGaithersburg, MD01
700Mac McComas33MBaltimore, MD01
703Jennifer Kargus36FNew Market, MD01
705Thomas Gamber41MAbingdon, MD12
730Casey Rayburg42MAnnapolis, MD01
738Ronald Henry60MAdelphi, MD22
740Lisa Gesualdo52FBel Air, MD01
762Paul Aumayr51MHalethorpe, MD01
768August Thurn63MHavre De Grace, MD12
769Matt Hall41MBaltimore, MD01
771Thomas Kearns56MCatonsville, MD12
777Joseph Nah50MGaithersburg, MD01
782Anne Hurwitz59FPoolesville, MD01
793Greg Pituch46MSpring Grove, PA01
794Nathan Wick36MPurcellville, VA01
798Elaina Stanton51FFredericksburg, VA22
803Joe Hanle64MGermantown, MD42
805Kerry Shepherd54FFrederick, MD12
813Jim Treece52MFrederick, MD12
814Bill Sergison30MAlexandria, VA01
820Robert Perry59MMiddletown , MD12
824Simon Dawson40MCatonsville, MD01
826Rachel Rosenblatt52FPikesville, MD12
834John Calabrese42MRichardsville , VA01
838Conrad Mascarenhas26MBaltimore, MD01
851Sarah Humphrey64FReston, CA01
854Christen Clark36FOdenton, MD01
858Andrea Coladner58FBrookhaven, NY01
860Mary Kate Schneider37FBaltimore, MD01
863Larry Thibodeau53MStafford, VA12
866Alla Kiyashko42FRockville , MD22
867Peter Mulligan56MBaltimore, MD01
868Benjamin Phelps46MWashington, DC01
875Sergio Rojo40MSilver Spring, MD01
892Kellen Matthews30MGlenside, PA01
894Alan Zwart51MWashington, DC42
900Elaine Griesbach51FMount Airy, MD12
906Crista Horn50FFrederick, MD12
916Robert Kazmierski41MBaltimore, MD22
920Siobhan Leonardis39FMiddletown, MD22
921Adam Renninger41MWestminster , MD42
922Jonathan Gowen37MCatonsville, MD06
930Sophie Pesek24FWashington, DC01
932Bert Salter46MNew Market, MD01
933Joe Limone39MIrvington, NY01
934Ryan Schenning30MBaltimore, MD12
951Gregory Dubicki35MSykesville , MD01
955Veronica Crawford53FFairfax, VA01
961Stephanie Fonda54FKensington, MD22
963Starla Snyder59FEast Freedom, PA32
964Andy Dodge59MWestminster, MD12
967Michelle Douglas43FMartinsburg, WV01
977Scott Lee51MHaymarket, VA01
984Peihan Orestes40FBethesda, MD12
998Peter Han45MNorth Potomac , MD12

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