Hashawha Hills 50 km Trail Run

Westminster, Maryland
February 28, 2015

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There are 190 Applicants as of January 21, 2014 at 10:28

Wait List Priority Codes

  1. None
  2. One to four finishes
  3. Unsuccessful applicants
  4. Five or more finishes
  5. Overall Champions or Prior RD
  6. Three time volunteer
Listed lowest to highest.

Not all events use all these categories, but the categories used are in this order. Categories not used for this event are in gray. Those used but not relevant this year are gray, and in italics.

Here are the people who have applied to this point for the HH to be held on February 28, 2015. The lottery number for each applicant is listed in the first column.

The priority status applies only to the wait list. All applicants have an equal chance of initial entry.

You can see an unofficial version of the lottery with a hypothetical DOW number, see how the system works, and get a feeling for your chances. Hypothetical Lottery

* = Lottery number. You don't know whether this is a good number until the DOW closes on January 12.

002Bo Bland30MAnnapolis, MD01
012Bryce Campbell33MManassas, VA01
014Joe Clapper55MGaithersburg, MD35
018Bill Burgess34MSilver Spring, MD01
032Shelly Cable44FRuckersville, VA22
034Glenn Gravatt56MHarpers Ferry, WV01
036David Wood51MAbingdon, MD01
037Moca McCarty43FColumbia, MD01
049Darren Thompson37MBel Air, MD01
050Irawan Balcet37MAlexandria, VA01
057Matthew Busillo33MCarlisle, PA01
065Dirk Helfrick43MWaynesboro, PA12
079Steve Boutilier54MBel Air, MD32
088Brad Hinton37MStephens City, VA01
095Charles Hogan54MBelcamp, MD01
115Sarah Mikalauskas34FNew Market, MD01
123Eva Van Stratum54FAston, PA12
124Mary Lang60FPasadena, MD01
125Siobhan Leonardis31FCharles Town, WV12
135Megan Hamilton37FRidgeley, WV01
138Eva Basehart46FAmherst , NY12
139Tom Dilazaro33MAlexandria, VA01
145Chris Farmer34MColumbia, MD01
149Monique Weaver43FFayetteville, PA01
150Ryan Foster33MCrofton, MD12
163Bill Susa51MBurkittsville, MD22
164Keith Knipling38MAlexandria, VA01
165Brenden Lingg30MBaltimore, MD12
173Doug Camann46MClarksboro, NJ22
176Jonathan Gowen29MBaltimore, MD06
180Tim Johnson54MFrederick, MD01
185Linda Wack58FGermantown, MD01
193Vanessa Kuhn34FTowson, MD01
200Bret Bergstrom41MClarksburg, MD01
203Amy Gibson37FSharpsburg, MD12
209Patrick Brown46MTowson, MD22
225Daryl R Lehman62MWaynesboro, PA01
227Steve Boyce44MSykesville, MD01
233Karen Donohue44FRockville, MD01
240Jennifer Newcomer33FHarrisburg, PA01
241Michael Moser46MFallston, MD01
243Rupert Bullard49MFrederick, MD01
252John Fitz39MKensington, MD01
262Benjamin Cordell30MParkville, United States01
285Kirstin Corris43FWashington, DC32
290Christopher Say20MOdenton, MD12
298Alan Lagon44MBaltimore, MD42
299Kenneth Keller45MGloucester, VA12
301Michael Holland58MHagerstown, MD01
308Jacqueline Palmer26FNewark, DE12
313Angelo Otterbein40MBaltimore, MD01
315Traci Kann41FWestminster, MD06
325Andrew Simpson44MMcLean, VA01
330Katie Keier43FAlexandria, VA12
331Kurt Overton42MBaltimore, MD01
337James Moore69MBowie, MD22
351Leah Kasowitz32FWashington, DC01
352Macy Hunsicker33FStone Ridge, VA01
358Todd Folmsbee43MAlexandria, VA01
364John Wirth34MAlexandria, VA01
373Stephen Cooper59MSalisbury, MD01
375Richard Britton59MSt. Leonard, MD01
380Jennifer Geilfuss28FSykesville, MD01
382Jeff Reed54MFairfax Station, VA01
383John Steiner47MThurmont, MD01
387Christopher Beck38MNorthwood, MD01
393Maureen Dunnigan37FSterling, VA12
394Sara Ayers-Rigsby30FGainesville, VA01
396Chris McIntosh40MMontclair, VA12
401Josh Hageman36MVienna, VA01
405Andy Mason41MHagerstown, MD01
406Matthew Lancaster39MAshburn, VA12
414Paul Stinson48MBel Air, MD01
419Peter Wray57MTowson, MD01
424Niqui Johnson48FFrederick, MD12
426Gerard Prilutski57MKennett Square, PA22
440Roxane McNeal58FHavre De Grace, MD01
441Amy Cruice35FBaltimore, MD01
450Paul Crickard60MColumbia, MD12
460Zach Geiple31MYork , PA01
461David Brault62MEdgewater, MD01
469Eric McCarty48MColumbia, MD22
474John Marciari42MBaltimore, MD01
475James Butler36MGlen Burnie, MD01
476William Lanning32MWashington, DC01
478Danny McDonnell56MFallston, MD22
489Sarah Colwell25FBaltimore, MD01
497Lisa Johnston49FBrunswick, MD01
501Hamilton Tyler50MMillersville, MD01
502Chris Bennett42MWoodbridge, VA01
504Michael Myers27MWashington, DC12
509Tim Fager46MCamp Hill, PA01
512Josh Wadlington33MOakton, VA01
518Jeffrey Klemm63MMcLean, VA01
523Jimm Ouellette41MBurke , VA12
531Rheeanna Walters37FSmithsburg, MD01
533Cassandra Lizza33FLancaster, PA01
547Brian Carr38MBelcamp, MD01
550Thomas Green63MColumbia, MD12
552Bernard Pesjak44MMcLean, VA12
560Lawrence Bartlett60MBethesda, MD01
561Ronald Green46MBel Air, MD22
563Jeff Lorow34MMechanicsburg, PA12
567Jesse Negherbon31MBaltimore, MD01
591Justin Contois34MAlexandria, VA01
594Tom DeKornfeld60MAnnapolis , MD01
602Jaye St Germain48MBaltimore, MD01
608Sean Lawler42MWestminster, MD32
615Jim Daniels40MFront Royal, VA22
617Chris Coder32MWestminster, MD01
621Hunt Bartine61MKennett, PA01
624Brenda Miller50FWaynesboro, PA01
626Matthew Bugin32MNew Kent, VA12
630Doug Walters26MWestminster, MD01
641Bart Rein48MForest Hill, MD12
643Michael Hart50MFront Royal, VA01
654Seth McElroy45MBel Air, MD32
672Bret Kinsella44MLeesburg, VA01
675Jill Robinson38FColumbia, MD01
676Tom Svoboda46MBel Air, MD01
679Michele Harmon48FGaithersburg, MD25
687Heath Gibson37MSharpsburg, MD01
688Denise Coll53FAlexandria, VA12
689Jeremy Hand36MDauphin, PA01
696Chuck Stone59MChambersburg, PA01
711Ashley Butler28FBelcamp, MD01
715Erica Price33FWaynesboro, PA01
724Regina Clark51FFrederick, MD12
729Dave Orlik51MColumbia, MD01
734Jeff Merritt29MLancaster, PA01
737Bob Gaylord65MBurke, VA32
738Scott Crabb42MBristow, VA01
749Emily Clay24FBaltimore, MD01
758Wayne Reisberg46MColchester , VT01
764Thomas Haine46MTowson, MD22
769Mark Cable43MRuckersville, VA12
774Gavin Watson52MEllicott City, MD01
777Alla Danilkovitch50FColumbia, MD01
783Crystine Good34FAnnapolis, MD12
784Rick Thompson49MBel Air, MD12
787Pat Gilbert50MBaltimore, MD22
804Leena Hilakivi-Clarke56FRockville, MD01
806Jesse Whitney37MWaynesboro, PA01
807Stephanie Dempsey37FArlington, VA01
808John Nelson63MAshburn, VA54
811Todd Miller43MHarrisburg, PA01
812Conrad Fernandes46MSilver Spring, MD12
813Bob Huber55MWoodstock, MD12
816Brigitte Sheehan53FNewark, DE22
833David McMillan35MOldtown, MD01
834Allen McMillin42MAbingdon, MD01
842Eric Harris41MSilver Spring, MD01
844John Hayward50MAnnapolis, MD01
845Luis De Arriba India46MRockville, MD01
848Courtney Nester37FWashington, DC22
852Nick Yeates33MMontgomery Village, MD01
857Shawn Krause34MLutherville, MD01
863Ray Hunley46MManassas, VA01
867Gaynor Bourgeois45FWashington, DC01
872Francesco Smith59MScaggsville, MD12
873Paul Headland45MFrederick, MD12
874Tracy Dahl34FAlexandria, VA01
875Chi-Chin Wu47FBel Air, MD01
876Dylan Perry22MPrince George, VA01
879Carole Williamson52FEldersburg, MD42
881Jonathan Baggett33MFalls Church, VA12
883Bob Dombrowski52MBel Air, MD12
884Nikola Grafnetterova26FNorth Logan, UT01
885Henry Peck56MLuthervillee, MD32
903Paul Encarnacion53MBrunswick, MD01
905Gary Bowman48MConestoga, PA12
909Tyler Keyworth28MAnnapolis, MD01
918Huseyin Kara56MBelcamp, MD12
921Bridget Mccusker59FBaltimore, MD01
928Meg Wiegand28FWashington, DC01
929Gary Richwine65MLancaster, PA01
936Frank Probst70MBurke, VA12
941Karl Barrus45MJessup, MD01
945Patti Beauchesne51FNewark, DE01
950Kristin Bremer42FTowson, MD15
951Ryan Frederick38MBaltimore, United States01
958Geoffrey Mason50MTakoma Park, MD01
961Mary DiMaggio31FBaltimore , MD12
970Adam Lint30MHavre De Grace, MD01
971Rick Corcoran Jr40MBaltimore, MD01
972Mike Frank45MBel Air, MD22
986Andrew Carta29MCrofton, MD01
987Alisa Springman39FFront Royal, VA32
995Hope Wilkes24FArlington, VA01
997Alan Zwart43MWashington, DC12

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