Bull Run Run 50

Clifton, Virginia
April 4, 2020

Status of Refunds for 2020 Bull Run Run

Data as of: March 19 at 20:31:16

Due to the unfortunate need to cancel the 2020 Bull Run Run, we are issuing refunds to all entrants. The refund process will take a few days. This page will help you know when we have made your refund and, if we haven't, gauge where you are in the queue. More Information and FAQs

Refunds Issued - 316

Listed alphabetically with date of refund.

To Be Done - 0

Refunds are being issued in the order that people signed up for the race. The list is alphabetical with the order each person is on the list. The lower the number, the sooner the refund. The list is renumbered each time a refund is issued. The next refund will be number 1.

Current Status

When we closed entry, there were 316 entrants. Of those, 316 have had their entry fees refunded. There are 0 to be done.

We also had people who had withdrawn previously but were waiting for refunds. All of those people have been refunded. Those transactions are set out here and not included in the data on this page.

About the Process

We are issuing refunds through PayPal. It's not complicated. What is slowing us down is that we need to put money back in our PayPal account to fund the refunds. PayPal restricts how fast we can do that.

Questions and Answers

Do I have to do anything to receive a refund?
No. We are issuing refunds to all entrants. No one needs apply for one.
How will I know that a refund has been made?
Paypal should send you an e-mail when the refund is made. But you can check here also.
How much will the refund be?
You will receive what you paid less $5. For most of you, that's $90.
How will I receive the money?
It will be a credit to the credit card or PayPal account with which you paid.
Is the club making $5 off each refund?
No. PayPal keeps the transaction fee which we paid when you entered. We will make $1.94 off of each $90 refund.
How often is this page updated?
The data on this page is updated immediately when a refund is made.
What if I have a problem with my refund or a question about this?
Feel free to contact Anstr Davidson.