Sample Lottery Results
Hashawha Hills 50 km Trail Run

Westminster, Maryland
February 26, 2022

See How the Lottery Would Come Out - Hypothetically

Make Sample Lottery Results

WARNING! No one is put on any list automatically. Even after we know the DOW result, we only know who is eligible to enter the race or what priority someone will have on the wait list if he or she acts to join it. If you won, you will have to pay. If you can only join the wait list, you will have to take action to do so. You do either of those things starting on January 15, 2022.

Use this form to see what would happen to the lottery under a hypothetical DOW result. This is not real or official. But it should give you a good idea how the process works and what your chances are.

Get Hypothetical Lottery Results

DOW Close - (ex: a DOW close of 12965.60 would yield a lottery number of 560)
Three digits. Use leading zeros if necessary. ("003" not "3")

Direction of the DOW (if unchanged, select DOWN)


Worst Case: To find your very worst place on the wait list, enter a lottery number one above yours and make the direction UP. Of try the opposite. Enter the number below you and make the direction down.

Best Case: Look at the rank of the best person in your wait list catgegory. That will be about the best you can do if you don't "win" the lottery.

Hopefully, playing with this will educate you on how the lottery works in general and what your chances are.

Good News: Our experience is that a significant number of people do not pay or join the wait list. In effect, these people step out of line before getting to the window. Things are not quite as bleak as them may seem.

Final Warning: Please remember that even when we make these lists for real, they only give you a right to join them. You must come back to this Web site to take action to join the entrants or wait list. Nothing happens automatically.