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Massanutten Mountain Trails 100

Fort Valley, Virginia
May 6, 2017

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43 on the Wait List as of February 11, 2017 at 11:42

Here are the people who are on the wait list for the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 to be held on May 6, 2017. The applicants are listed by their ranks on the list.

Paid? Column Key

When there is a vacancy on the entrants list, we will move the top person on this list to the entrants list if that person has paid the entry fee. If the top person has not paid the entry fee, we will delete that top person and go to the next person on the list.

Withdraw: To withdraw from the wait list, go to the withdrawal page.

When to Pay
You may pay the entry fee starting March 10. Come back then.

First Move off this List
The first person to move off of this list will not occur before March 14. That means that the top people need to pay by that date.

Original Rank: If an applicant was on the initial wait list on February 10, his or her starting rank is in parentheses. Example: (47)

More Information: For more about how the wait list works, go to the Wait List FAQs. Also, you may contact us for technical help on entry (sends e-mail).

1 (1)Jessica Brundige39FRaeford, NC0No
2 (2)Dirk Schulze43MBurke, VA0No
3 (3)Justin Hersh42MGaithersburg, MD0No
4 (4)Alex Galasso25MBridgewater, NJ0No
5 (5)Michal Kawecki37MMars, PA0No
6 (6)Richard Britton62MOlney, MD0No
7 (7)John Stacy60MFairfax Station, VA0No
8 (8)Soon-Chul Choi39MMountain View, CA0No
9 (9)Carrie Albright38FLafayette Hill, PA0No
10 (10)Scott Snyder62MLittleton, CO0No
11 (11)Sam Wachsman50MLancaster, PA0No
12 (12)Tim Schmitt34MLivonia, MI0No
13 (13)Benjamin Bruno33MSanta Barbara, CA0No
14 (14)David Becker48MRiegelsville, PA0No
15 (15)Francesco Riccadonna42MWhitchurch-Stouffville, Canada0No
16 (16)Dan Fogg32MWashington, DC0No
17 (17)Mike Jones35MStuarts Draft, VA0No
18 (18)Mark Frey37MPittsburgh, PA0No
19 (19)Joshua Peffley35MArlington, VA0No
20 (20)Maya Brown40FWashington, DC0No
21 (21)Jeff Stafford60MClarksville, TN0No
22 (22)Don Riley53MPhoenix, MD0No
23 (23)Mike Johnson52MDurham, NC0No
24 (24)Daniel Barron53MRuther Glen, VA0No
25 (25)Alan Abbs47MSacramento, CA0No
26 (26)Rich Riopel43MMorganville, NJ0No
27 (27)Ryan Quinnelly35MWinchester, VA0No
28 (28)John Leonardis35MCharles Town, WV0No
29 (29)Marlena Miraflor42FRound Hill, VA0No
30 (30)Llewelyn Engel27FWashington, DC0No
31 (31)Jeremy Hand39MDauphin , PA0No
32 (32)Kathy Hoegler40FHartsdale, NY0No
33 (33)Lyn Jones51MPeterborough, Canada0No
34 (34)Peter Daly50MBruceton Mills, WV0No
35 (35)Michael Walcott62MCleveland, GA0No
36 (36)Scott English31MManlius, NY0No
37 (37)Thad Will44MPort Matilda, PA0No
38 (38)Michael Dowdell41MAkron, OH0No
39 (39)Warwick Ames48MChapel Hill, NC0No
40 (40)Christopher Moore31MBroadlands, VA0No
41 (41)Jonathan Weiser34MFrederick, MD0No
42 (42)Alexander Schnoeller41MNorth Miami Beach , FL0No
43 (43)Andrew Carta32MCrofton, MD0No

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