Withdrawal and Refund Status
Massanutten Mountain Trails 100

Fort Valley, Virginia
May 6, 2017

Status of withdrawal requests and refunds

This page lists the status of withdrawals and refunds from the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100. If you want to withdraw, go to the withdrawal form.

Entrants List

from List
Entry Fee
37Diane BehmApril 22April 22April 22
36Brad KoenigApril 22April 22April 22
35Angela RussellApril 21April 21April 22
34Randy YasenchakApril 21April 21April 21
33John GodinetApril 15April 17April 21
32James FoggApril 14April 14April 21
31Blake BenkeApril 21April 21April 21
30Art PerraudApril 17April 17April 17
29Nicholas SimmonsApril 10April 10April 12
28Jason FriedmanApril 5April 5April 12
27Doug CampbellApril 11April 11April 12
26Alexander SchnoellerApril 11April 11April 12
25Marie GarmatMarch 26March 26April 12
24Alice HisamotoApril 11April 11April 11
23Ryan O'DellApril 3April 4April 4
22Sean AndrishMarch 31April 1April 1
21Stephanie WilsonMarch 30April 1April 1
20Matthew HeiseyMarch 31April 1April 1
19Kazutaka MaedaMarch 31April 1April 1
18Jimm OuelletteMarch 31April 1April 1
17Jason PardueMarch 31April 1April 1
16Charlie JoyceMarch 30April 1April 1
15Doug StephensMarch 29March 29March 29
14William McGovernMarch 27March 27March 27
13Megan McGrathMarch 27March 27March 27
12Lisa JohnstonMarch 24March 24March 25
11Bruce TweedieMarch 25March 25March 25
10Tom CorrisMarch 22March 23March 23
9Sheri FiolekMarch 21March 21March 23
8Samantha Pitts-KieferMarch 22March 23March 23
7Ian ChristianMarch 11March 11March 11
6Douglas HusseyMarch 7March 7March 7
5Dora ElmoreMarch 5March 5March 5
4Kim Love-OttobreFebruary 20February 21February 21
3Timothy EllisFebruary 17February 17February 17
2Mary LangFebruary 15February 15February 15
1Terri PfeilFebruary 11February 11February 11

Wait List

from List
15James DriscollApril 22April 22
14Robert Zmirich April 22
13Shane VanhooseApril 21April 21
12Jeffrey Wood April 21
11Jocelyn MorkenApril 14April 14
10Antoine RochetteApril 14April 14
9Birgit MitchellApril 14April 14
8John Love April 11
7Chihping Fu April 11
6John LeonardisApril 9April 9
5David BairdMarch 25March 25
4Matthew HitechewMarch 25March 25
3Scott SnyderMarch 15March 16
2Marta FisherFebruary 26February 26
1Ed WalshFebruary 24February 24

When a withdrawal is requested, we first take the runner off the list. This does not happen immediately. It is done manually. Then, we issue a refund. The refund depends on the list you are leaving and how you paid.

Refund Options

Withdrawing from the entrants list:

Withdrawing from the wait list: