Withdrawal and Refund Status
VHTRC Women's Half Marathon

Fountainhead Regional Park, Virginia
September 13, 2014

Status of withdrawal requests and refunds

This page lists the status of withdrawals and refunds from the VHTRC Women's Half Marathon. If you want to withdraw, go to the withdrawal form.

Entrants List

from List
Entry Fee
51Karla GonzalezSeptember 6September 6September 6
50Andrea GianniSeptember 6September 6September 6
49Sue MurphySeptember 6September 6September 6
48Deveryn BaileySeptember 5September 6September 6
47Stephanie ColburnSeptember 5September 5September 5
46Patricia ChaupisSeptember 3September 4September 4
45Laura BoltonSeptember 4September 4September 4
44Laren RusinSeptember 4September 4September 4
43Laila LindenSeptember 3September 4September 4
42Jennifer GardnerSeptember 4September 4September 4
41Kriszti FulwilerSeptember 1September 3September 3
40Katherine MatosSeptember 1September 3September 3
39Karen Von BergSeptember 2September 3September 3
38Johana ReedSeptember 3September 3September 3
37Emily SmithsonSeptember 2September 3September 3
36Emily DeyoungSeptember 2September 3September 3
35Deirdre SmithSeptember 1September 3September 3
34Bridget BuonoAugust 31September 3September 3
33Anita MacDonald August 29September 3
32Tara LauderdaleAugust 30September 2September 2
31Heather StrangAugust 30September 2September 2
30Carmen SperlAugust 30September 2September 2
29Wendy ValdesAugust 30August 30August 30
28Lauren KimAugust 30August 30August 30
27Kat SepkaAugust 30August 30August 30
26Heather PincockAugust 30August 30August 30
25Beni L HawkinsAugust 30August 30August 30
24Amy MounkhatyAugust 30August 30August 30
23Rachel StearnsAugust 28August 29August 29
22Penny StearnsAugust 28August 29August 29
21Iracema SiegelAugust 26August 27August 27
20Winona WhitneyAugust 25August 27August 27
19Jenny HeimbergAugust 27August 27August 27
18Alison MilofskyAugust 25August 26August 26
17Stacey NelsonAugust 24August 25August 25
16Nicole LundquistAugust 24August 25August 25
15Mikelle Miles MooneyAugust 23August 24August 24
14Sharmane FernandezAugust 23August 23August 23
13Patricia SaikiaAugust 22August 23August 23
12Lori LaCombeAugust 22August 23August 23
11Trina PowellAugust 20August 20August 20
10Lauren WarrenAugust 20August 20August 20
9Pam ChamplainAugust 20August 20August 20
8Mary BowmanAugust 19August 20August 20
7Julie LawsonAugust 18August 20August 20
6Chayva LehrmanAugust 19August 20August 20
5Megan CarrollAugust 16August 17August 17
4Angela McArdellAugust 14August 15August 15
3Lori MurphyAugust 5August 12August 12
2Julie JonesAugust 12August 12August 12
1Diane BehmAugust 5August 12August 12

Wait List

from List
Fee Refunded
or Check Destroyed
28Roselyn MendezSeptember 5September 5 
27Brenda K Ritzco September 4 
26Mary LangSeptember 3September 3 
25Becky KostenSeptember 2September 3 
24Maura MccarthySeptember 3September 3 
23Brigid Schulte September 3 
22Kathy Pesta September 3 
21Dora Elmore September 2 
20Shannon Looney September 2 
19Deidre DeHoust September 2 
18Jacilyn Sellenrick September 2 
17Kimberly Atkinson August 30 
16Genta Branstetter August 30 
15Destiny Bachman August 29 
14Jennifer Cockrill August 29 
13Anita MacDonaldAugust 28August 29 
12Kim SullinsAugust 27August 28 
11Cynthia MarksAugust 25August 25August 25
10Cindy CohenAugust 25August 25August 25
9Adrianne MicheleAugust 21August 23 
8Megan Culp August 15 
7Eileen Pugsley August 15 
6Elise MuddAugust 12August 12 
5Kelly Mackey August 12 
4Peggy Dickison August 12 
3Beth Wilson August 12 
2Emily JacobsAugust 8August 12 
1Laurel Phillip August 12 

When a withdrawal is requested, we first take the runner off the list. This does not happen immediately. It is done manually. Then, we issue a refund. The refund depends on the list you are leaving and how you paid.

Refund Options

Withdrawing from the entrants list:

Withdrawing from the wait list: