Important Changes
for Bull Run Run 50
and the Massanutten Mt. Trails 100
in 2008

The VHTRC Board recently met with the race directors for BRR and MMT. Both events will, generally, be the same as last year, but there will be important changes that you should be aware of. Here is the critical information in a nutshell. This is just a quick update. The Web pages will be updated with more detailed information soon.

Dates: BRR will be April 12 with entry opening on January 8. MMT will be on May 17 with entry opening on December 4. As already noted on this Web site, we will take credit cards for entry.

Waiting Lists: Each race will have a waiting list, and both lists will be managed as the MMT list has been in the past -- publicly. We will use the "old system" -- fill out the form on-line and mail in a check -- for getting on the waiting list.

Entry Fees: The MMT entry fee will go up by $10 to account for increased costs and so that the post run party is well-stocked and available to all including volunteers, crews, and pacers. The BRR entry fee will not go up, but the pre-race meal will no longer be included in it.

Scholarships: Each event will continue to offer scholarships to cover the entry fees of selected needy runners. New this year, you must apply for a scholarship before entry opens. We will set specific dates by which you must submit a request for a scholarship. See each event Web site for more details.

Courses: The courses for both events will be the same as in 2007.

Qualification for MMT Entry: The qualification to enter MMT will be more rigorous. You must have completed a 100 miler at any time prior to December 4 or a 50 miler between January 2006 and December 4.

If you have any questions about any of this, consult the event Web page after it is updated or contact the appropriate RD.

Happy Trails!