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How to Get Your Bull Run Run Photo for Printing

Photo of Aaron Schwartzbard
Photographer Aaron Schwartzbard

Our main photographer, Aaron Schwartzbard, has kindly arranged to have the original, uncut versions of all of his photos available for download. These versions would be very good for printing. You will have to find a way to do the printing either on your own printer or through a photo service, but the images that Aaron has made available will be critical to producing a good picture. These versions of the photos will only be available for a short time so act quickly.

Note: If you are interested in printing a photo on the Flickr site that was taken by someone other than Aaron, just use the file that is there. Except for Aaron's photos, the best available is already on the Flickr site.


These pictures come in very big files and will take a long time to download on a slow Internet connection. Aaron says of them:

"Note about printing: These images are 8 megapixel JPEGs. They are between 2.5 and 3.5 megabytes. If sharp, they will print out very nicely in large formats (such as 8"x10", or larger). Unfortunately, these pictures are not terribly sharp. For a variety of reasons, including the conditions of the day and the new lens I was using, focus tended to be a bit soft (that's a picture takin' euphemism for blurry). Sorry 'bout that. I'll do better next time, promise."

If you don't need the high definition of the big file size, then you can just download from the Flickr site.

How to Download

To get your picture(s), follow these three steps. (Note: The links below will open new browser windows so you can get back to this page easily.)

  1. Find the File Name of Your Picture or Pictures: To find the file name, go to the Flickr site, find the picture you want, and note the file name. The file name is above the picture and will be something like brr06_0021.jpeg or brr06_0021a.jpeg. You only have to worry about the last four digits and the "a" if there is one.
  2. Display the Photo in Your Browser: We have automated that process for you. Just put the last four digits of the file name and the "a" if there is one, in the box below and click the "Get Picture" button.
  3. brr06_.jpeg
  4. Save the Photo: Once the photo is displayed in your browser (be sure it is finished downloading), you can save it to your hard drive. Right click on the picture and, in Internet Explorer push "Save Picture As" or in Firefox push "Save Image As." (If you have a MAC and thus no right mouse button, click while pressing the CONTROL key.) Remember where you saved the image!

If That Doesn't Work

If that doesn't work, put the following URL in your browser address: http://lats.activtrax.com/~aaron/BRR06/brr06_XXXX.jpeg, where "XXXX" is the last four digits of the file name and the "a" if present.


Printing is your business. You can use your own printer, or you can use a photo service. Aaron sent these suggestions for the latter:

What About the CD?

The CD is still coming. It will have music and everything. Be patient!

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