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Bull Run Run 2008

Updated: October 2008

This year's Bull Run Run had a new format for the team competition. Here were the rules:

All teams have five members. The teams must be coed -- each must have at least two men and two women. People can be members of only one team. Other than this, there are no restrictions on who is on a team (i.e., no geographic or affiliation restrictions such as in past years).
There are five total team award categories, and we will go one deep in each of these categories. The categories are: Fastest, Slowest, Finish together (fastest time), Oldest total age, Best dressed/theme. Teams do not declare a category and will be considered for all awards but may only receive one. To receive an award, all members of the team must finish.

A clear message from these rules was to emphasize that the team competion was supposed to be fun and not serious. We do regret, however, that we have not finished up this aspect of the 2008 BRR until now.

There were five awards and only five teams finished. So everyone will receive an award. (Note: To "finish" for this purpose, you must cross the finish line before 13 hours. So one team listed here should have been disqualified. But it's a bit late for that now. So we will give that team the left over award.)

If we use these rules again, we will have to establish the order in which the categories are determined. This year, the order did not determine whether a team received an award. Had there been more qualified teams, it would have been important. The physical awards are all the same.

The winning categories are listed for each team. There wasn't much competition except in the oldest category. Cap't Chalie's team had an average age of 56.2 years, but Blue Belles (which was also slowest) had an average age of 57.2 years.

This year's "dream team" lost a combatant and gave up the win to Everywhere but Antarctica, whatever that means. The results, with winning categories) are below and all the teams are below that.

Team Results

Everywhere but Antarctica
Prasad Gerard8:41:35
Michele Harmon8:17:18
Keith Moore8:37:37
Justine Morrison8:20:07
Amy Sproston9:28:49
Bull Sheit Dawgs
Best Theme
Margie Hughes10:34:34
Nancy Kleinrock9:08:47
Seth McElroy10:05:04
Angus Repper8:58:01
Bill Tryon9:50:30
Capín Charlie, Still Fading,
& the Flying Furbutts
Finish Together (except for Charlie)
Vicki Kendall11:47:36
Gary Knipling11:47:36
Sharon Lapkoff11:47:36
Charlie Miracle12:46:08
Carole Smith11:47:36
MCRRC Glacial Speed
Oldest (honorary) because of Cavanaugh
Cathy Blessing11:47:49
Ryan Carter11:47:36
Jim Cavanaugh11:56:51
Karen Donohue12:20:09
Michael Hannon13:03:31
Blue Belles & Blue Balls
Oldest and Slowest (receive slowest)
Jeanne Herrick12:28:29
Cindy Ingalls11:39:56
Douglas Jones12:46:50
David Newman12:28:29
David Sek12:28:29

All Registered Teams

Annapolis StridersCharlie Muskin (Captain), Maureen Rohrs, Suzie Spangler, Bob Cawood, Matt Mace
Blue Belles & Blue BallesJeanne Herrick (Captain), Cindy Ingalls, Doug Jones, Dave Newman, Dave Sek
Bull Sheit DawgsMargie Hughes (Captain), Nancy Kleinrock, Angus Repper, Bill Tryon, Seth McElroy
Capín Charlie, Still Fading, & the Flying FurbuttsVicki Kendall, Sharon Lapkoff, Carole Smith, Gary Knipling, Charlie Miracle (Captain)
C2H5OHKirstin Corris (Captain), Jaret Seiberg, Scott Crabb, Marti Kovener, Farouk Elkassed
DawgsHunt Bartine- Captain, Eva Van Stratum, Scott Hodukavich, Laurie Reinhart, Mark Mckennett
Everywhere but AntarcticaMichele Harmon (Captain), Amy Sproston, Justine Morrison, Keith Moore, Prasad Gerard
40 is the New 20Sophie Speidel (Captain), Kerry Owens, Todd Walker, Anne Riddle Lundblad, Mark Lundblad
MCRRC Continental DriftersCaren Jew (Captain), Phillip Hesser, Michele McLeod, Pete Pontzer, Mark Zimmermann
MCRRC Glacial SpeedCathy Blessing (Captain), Ryan Carter, Jim Cavanaugh, Karen Donohue, Mike Hannon

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