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This year's team competition was interesting. Unfortunately, most of the winners had to be determined at the last minute when things are hectic and people are tired. The result is that two teams tied for the Best Theme category. PA Rockers and Over 40 and Still Hot! tied for the title. The former got the actual awards on a coin flip.

The fastest team was the WUS Pink Mafia, a clear "Dream Team." Their title was assured at eight and a half hours into the race when Justine Morrison finished. If Justine is your last finisher, you have a strong team.

Virtual Team

We received a "virtual" team entry from Scott Mills. None of the members of the team was entered in the event, but all had long connection with it. Two were prior winners. One was a prior race director. One was Joe Clapper. The theory was that they would "mail in" their times. Tragically, even with mailed in times, they lost to the WUS team. How do we say this gently? This team is over the hill.

The Virtual Velociteers

Scotty Mills (c)
Barry Lewis
Joe Clapper
Tom Nielsen
Bryon Powell

Charlie Miracle put together the oldest team. The team included Frank Probst who was the oldest person in the race. Race day was his 66th birthday. The title was assured as long as Charlie could drag his body across the finish line. Perhaps fearing that Vicki would kill him if he didn't, Charlie finished with almost a half hour to spare.

The slowest team was Buzz Dawgs II. This team proved that consistency wins the day. No member of the team ran slower than 12 hours, but no member ran faster than 10:30.

The "finish together" category was, strictly speaking, won by no one. Last year, race management defined "together" as meaning together. This year we loosened that a bit, but not much. No team finished together under any meaning of that term. The judges, however, decided that the Entrail Runners came closest to the finish together goal.

Medieval painters always put a flaw in their paintings because perfection was a sacrilege. Only God is prefect. Our way of avoiding perfection is the team competition. It's goofy and imperfect. Sort of like us!

Thanks to Helen Cacciapaglia and Quatro Hubbard for helping judge the team competition.

Note: These times were entered by hand and are not the responsibility of the timer. If you see an error, please send it to Anstr and he may update this page one time. Mistakes that do not change the fastest or slowest team may not be fixed quickly.

Team Results

Updated April 21, 2009

TeamLast NameFirst NameSexAge
TimeTotal TimeAverage Time
WUS Pink Mafia Walker Todd Male 42 7:17:14 Award: Fastest
  Knipling Keith Male 33 7:39:18
  Sproston Amy Female 35 7:34:05
  Morrison Justine Female 28 8:32:18
  Schmidt Brian Male 40 7:13:33
        178  38:16:28 7:39:18
Grin & Bare It Campbell Michael Male 59 8:06:12
  Seiberg Jaret Male 39 9:21:15
  Kurisky Jack Male 41 7:57:55
  Zobava Roxanne Female 33 8:40:17
  Daughtry Debbie Female 51 11:26:22
        223  45:32:01 9:06:24
Buzz Dawgs I Widdowson Diana Female 42 8:56:48
  Hughes Margie Female 46 11:38:37
  Repper Angus Male 36 7:28:24
  Lutz Leo Male 38 8:48:58
  Krause Dave Male 47 8:43:09
        209  45:35:56 9:07:11
Over 40 and Still Hot! Snipes David Male 41 10:07:00 Award: Best Theme
(Tie with PA Rockers - lost trophies on coin flip.)
  Dunham Darin Male 40 9:50:19
  O'Connor Brian Male 43 10:20:24
  Harmon Michele Female 43 9:08:45
  Lindemann Marty Female 48 10:25:50
        215  49:25:18 9:53:04
The Entrail Runners Cacciapaglia Ed Male 54 10:15:46 Award: Finish Together
  Corris Kirstin Female 38 11:13:50
  Carter Ryan Male 32 10:48:15
  Jacobs Jen Female 32 10:03:55
  Ouellette Jimm Male 36 10:11:35
        192  52:33:21 10:30:40
PA Rockers Hall Rita Female 47 10:26:25 Award: Best Theme
(Tie with Over 40 and Still Hot! - received trophies on coin flip.)
  ORlanski Dan Male 32 11:26:23
  Moyer Rick Male 48 12:01:52
  Yasenchak Randy Male 49 8:54:05
  Helfrick RuthAnn Female 42 9:37:37
        218  52:26:22 10:29:16
MCRRC Banzai! Pontzer Pete Male 44 10:42:40
  Swab Kenneth Male 58 12:39:23
  Stanley Sarah Female 29 10:18:31
  Duelge Jason Male 40 9:35:12
  Donohue Karen Female 39 11:57:41
        210  55:13:27 11:02:41
Cap Charlie's Furbutts Kendall Vicki Female 56 10:39:11 Award: Oldest
  Miracle Charlie Male 55 12:35:43
  Knipling Gary Male 65 11:16:40
  Lapkoff Sharon Female 56 11:21:53
  Probst Frank Male 66 9:42:52
        298  55:36:19 11:07:16
Buzz Dawgs II May Beth Female 25 11:44:18 Award: Slowest
  Forgang Greg Male 33 10:31:56
  Taylor Christian Male 35 11:53:35
  Belsan Kathleen Female 35 11:55:37
  McLaughlin Peter Male 46 11:27:00
        174  57:32:26 11:30:29

All Registered Teams

Wahooligans Greg Loomis (c), Sophie Speidel, Mike Broderick, Alyssa Godesky, Andy Anderson
Cap'n Charlie, Still Fading, & the Flying Furbutts Charlie Miracle (c), Vicki Kendall, Sharon Lapkoff, Gary Knipling, Frank Probst
Resting Runners Jim Ashworth (c), Jim Bradford, Anna Bradford, Keith Whited, Marce' Willard
Team Diane CTNY Barbara Sorrell (c), Rob Scott, Christine Reynolds, Karen McWhirt, Will Danecki
MCRRC Banzai! Jason Duelge (c), Pete Pontzer, Sarah Ellen Stanley, Ken Swab, Karen Donohue
Grin & Bare It Michael Campbell (c), Roxanne Zobava, Jaret Seiberg, Debbie Daughtry, Jack Kurisky
The Entrail Runners Jen Jacobs (c), Kirstin Corris, Ryan Carter, Jim Ouellette, Ed Cacciapaglia
Over 40 and Still Hot! Darin Dunham (c), Dave Snipes, Brian O'Connor, Marty Lindemann, Michele Harmon
PA RockersRick Moyer (c), Rita Hall, RuthAnn Helfrick, Randy Yasenchak, Dan Ozlanski
WUS Pink MafiaKeith Knipling (c), Brian Schmidt, Todd Walker, Amy Sproston, Justine Morrison
Weapons of Ass DestructionAlisa Springman (c), Kate Abbott, Mark Zimmerman, Karsten Brown, David Achenbach
Buzz Dawgs I Angus Repper (c), Leo Lutz, Dave Krause, Margie Hughes, Diana Widdowson
Buzz Dawgs II Greg Forgang (c), Christian Taylor, Peter McLaughlin, Kathleen Belsan, Beth May
Buzz Dawgs III Mark Mckennett (c), Harry Smith, Mary Vish, Jeff Engelbrecht, Marcia Peters

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