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VHTRC Participant Survey

Event: Bull Run Run 50 Mile (BRR)
Date:   April 10, 2010

Thank you to those runners who responded to our survey for the 2010 Bull Run Run 50 Mile. The responses will be helpful as we plan next year's event. Additionally, you might find the responses interesting. A summary is below.

The VHTRC Board

The Survey

We sent the survey to 338 participants in the event and received responses from 173 people for a 51% response rate. The responses are below.

For each question, there was a required response and an optional comment box. Where the required response was a rating of 1 to 5, we have listed the average rating. Where the required response was unique to the specific question, we have listed the number and percentage of votes for each option.

We have provided a summary of the statements in the comment boxes. To encourage candid responses, we had said, "We will make aggregate results public but will not make any specific response or comment public." We have tried to summarize the responses fairly, but don't claim that we did that perfectly.

All of the raw data has been shown to those in management of BRR, the VHTRC board, and the race directors of the other two VHTRC events. (As we noted in the survey, no version of the data connects a respondent's name with any response.) If you responded to the survey, your opinion has been heard.

If you have any comment or question about this survey, feel free to mail e-mail either the RD, Anstr Davidson, or the VHTRC president, Alan Gowen.

First, a bit about you—
A. Have you run a trail race prior to this year's BRR?
Yes: 162 (94%) No: 11 (6%)
B. Have you completed a run longer than 50 km prior to this year's BRR?
Yes: 147 (85%) No: 26 (15%)
C. Have you run the BRR before this year?
Yes 98 (57%) No 75 (43%)
D. Your Age:  
Age Decade 20s30s40s 50s+
Respondents 15 44 64 50
9% 25% 37% 29%
All Runners34 99 121 83
10% 29% 36% 25%
Rating Options for first nine questions:
1-Very Poor 2-Poor 3-Fair 4-Good 5-Very Good
1. The BRR Web site was—4.73
2. The BRR entry and waiting list procedure was—4.68
3. The quality of the entrant shirt was—4.46
4. The pre-race briefing was—4.57 (110 selected "did not attend" and did not make a rating)
5. The course markings were—4.80
6. The aid stations were—4.84
(Please include what you most liked and what you would like to see but didn't at the aid stations.)

7. The post race food was—4.58 (36 did not eat)
8. The post race atmosphere was—4.81 (14 selected "didn't attend" and did not make a rating)
9. The quality of the age group award was—4.16 (130 selected "didn't observe or no opinion" and did not make a rating)
10. Finishers Award. I prefer (please enter any specific suggestions in comment)—
Clothing: 93 (55%)
Non-clothing item (chair, bag, etc.): 22 (13%)
Other item (enter in comment box): 13 (8%)
No opinion/don't care: 42 (25%)
Didn't answer: 3
11. Entrants Shirt Color. I prefer entrants shirts that are—
Traditional Bull Run Run Colors (Blue and Gray) 49 (28%)
Non-traditional colors (like last year's orange/yellow or this year's lime green) 35 (20%)
Either one 52 (30%)
No opinion/don't care 36 (21%)
Didn't answer: 1
12. [For females only] Unisex/female sizing. The fact that the entrant's shirt was not available in women's sizing—
Didn't matter to me 17 (40%)
Somewhat disappointed me 14 (33%)
Greatly disappointed me 11 (26%)
I am male and just want to push a button 75
Didn't answer 56
13.When it comes to buying awards and finishers premium, I would rather you —
Buy good but not top-of-line items and keep the entry fee down 72 (42%)
Buy top quality items even if you must raise the entry fee to do so 59 (34%)
Don't care/no opinion 41 (24%)
Didn't answer 1
14. Energy Replacement Drink. I prefer—
Gatorade 65 (38%)
Some other energy replacement drink (enter in comment) 39 (23%)
Anything (I drink it, but don't have a preference) 53 (31%)
None (I don't use an energy replacement drink) 16 (9%)
15. Team Competition. Should we keep the team competition? (Please enter any suggestions in comment box.)
Yes 107 (63%)
No 4 (2%)
Don't care/no opinion 60 (35%)
Didn't answer 2
16. Hemlock Accommodations Is it likely you would stay at the accommodations at Hemlock if you came back to the event?
Yes (please enter reason in comment) 21 (12%)
No (please enter reason in comment) 70 (40%)
No opinion 82 (47%)
17. Based on your experience this year, do you want to run the BRR again?
Definitely not 1 (1%)
Probably not 0 (0%)
Might/might not 8 (5%)
Probably 16 (9%)
Definitely 148 (86%)
Please tell us Why or Why Not:

Overall Comments/Recommendations

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