Wendy Marszalek
Spirit of a Volunteer

Thank you.

Two of the greatest words ever. They ring magic to a volunteer’s heart, for someone is acknowledging what the volunteer has done. Gratitude and compassion are two of life’s greatest gifts. They’re what fuel many, and inspire others to go beyond what they thought possible.

WendyOn Saturday, as the 18th Bull Run Run was concluding, a runner approached me and said, “well, it would be different if others understood what it’s like to be a volunteer.” He was referring to a challenging situation that many of us were experiencing— as we waited for Sophie to finish the final sweep.

Yes, there are many qualities that make up a quality volunteer, someone that race directors depend on, but I wonder if runners realize how much we volunteers receive while we’re giving.

And so, I’d like to share with you a few of the great moments experienced by this simple volunteer on a magnificent day when event records were rewritten, and so much more than I expected I was blessed to learn, see, and hear.

Moments that go beyond words, moments that teach, and moments that inspire:

Please know that each thank you that was shared with a volunteer is greatly appreciated. Please know, too, that I can only speak for myself, but believe the following to be true for many—I’m beyond grateful for being able to learn from you all, and to witness such wonderful human moments.

May the trails be kind to all, and may all journeys be just what you need with whom you need along for the ride.

Peace, Joy, and Magnificent Trails,


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