Bull Run Run 50 Mile Awards 2014

The Bull Run Run has always had age group awards based on North/South affiliation. Some years, only the top person in each age group won an award. In the last few years, the awards have gone deeper. (The depth is dictated by the population of each age group.)

We do not mail awards. If you see your name here, but you did not receive an award, you still have the honor of your achievement.

You can see how everyone did in his or her age group by consulting the age group results.

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1 [1]Brian Rusiecki35MSouth Deerfield, MA6:36:56North4
2 [2]James Blandford44MHamburg, PA6:41:54North7
3 [3]William Kuper34MFairfax, VA6:59:16South2


1 [15]Kathleen Cusick39FAlexandria, VA8:00:26South5
2 [16]Megan McGrath29FNew Brunswick, NJ8:01:27North3
3 [19]Jacqueline Palmer26FNewark, DE8:13:43North1

Age Groups

Open Female North - 3 Awards
1[16] Megan McGrath29New Brunswick, NJ8:01:27
2[19] Jacqueline Palmer26Newark, DE8:13:43
3[21] Alexandra Petersen34Herndon, VA8:15:43

Open Female South - 2 Awards
1[15] Kathleen Cusick39Alexandria, VA8:00:26
2[49] Ann Stanley38Richmond, VA9:09:23

Open Male North - 4 Awards
1[1] Brian Rusiecki35South Deerfield, MA6:36:56
2[4] Adam Lint30Havre De Grace, MD7:02:04
3[6] Adam Hill38Orillia, Canada7:22:02

Open Male South - 3 Awards
1[3] William Kuper34Fairfax, VA6:59:16
2[9] Brad Hinton38Stephens City, VA7:29:42
3[10] Matthew Bugin32West Point, VA7:29:43

Master Female North - 2 Awards
1[46] Kari Brown40Bedford, PA9:00:15
2[67] Laura Mooney45Douglassville, PA9:38:21

Master Female South - 1 Award
1[179] Shelly Cable44Bedford, PA11:38:13

Master Male North - 5 Awards
1[2] James Blandford44Hamburg, PA6:41:54
2[12] Robert Richardson43Gainesville, VA7:48:08
3[18] Scott Myers41Burlington, Canada8:07:24

Master Male South - 3 Awards
1[5] Mario Raymond41Bowie, MD7:17:35
2[7] Jack Kurisky46Burke, VA7:22:57
3[29] Scott Adams46Charlottesville, VA8:39:03

Senior Female North - 2 Awards
1[39] Dawn Hamel58Orillia, Canada8:53:57
2[66] Yukiko Nishide52Rye, NY9:36:06

Senior Female South - 1 Award
1[171] Denise Coll53Alexandria, VA11:26:40

Senior Male North - 4 Awards
1[26] Saul Duarte53Abingdon, MD8:29:50
2[45] Henry Peck57Lutherville, MD8:59:57
3[62] Bob Dombrowski52Bel Air, MD9:28:38

Senior Male South - 2 Awards
1[51] James LeClare52Annapolis, MD9:11:49
2[82] John Anderson51Vienna, VA9:57:15

Super Senior Female North - 1 Award
1[224] Mary Lang60Pasadena, MD12:13:16

Super Senior Male North - 2 Awards
1[74] Michael Campbell64Manassas, VA9:44:27
2[95] James Miner65Dryden, NY10:12:15

Super Senior Male South - 2 Awards
1[185] Gary Knipling70Mason Neck, VA11:40:58
2[211] Geoff Scott65Chapel Hill, NC12:02:41

Age Group Award Distribution

Age GroupAwards
Master Male North5
Senior Male North4
Open Male North4
Open Male South3
Master Male South3
Open Female North3
Master Female North2
Senior Male South2
Senior Female North2
Super Senior Male South2
Super Senior Male North2
Open Female South2
Senior Female South1
Super Senior Female North1
Master Female South1
Total Awards37

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