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Bull Run Run 50 Mile

April 12, 2014

Overall Results
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Brian Rusiecki, male champ
Photo: Bobby Gill

The 22nd Bull Run Run was held in beautiful, but too-warm weather. There were many impressive performances, but also a great deal of attrition on the battle field.

Brian Rusiecki got his third BRR win in a row. Kathleen Cusick was the female winner, finishing only a minute ahead of second place Megan McGrath. Gary Knipling and Frank Probst became the first 70 year olds to finish the race. Tom Green and Probst each completed his 22nd BRR - they have done them all! Serious medical issues ended Tim Stanley's 21 year completion streak.

There were 321 starters and 272 official finishers.

New race directors Bob Gaylord and Toni Aurilio did a fantastic job. The many volunteers who assisted them, took good care of the runners.

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Kathleen Cusick, female champ
Photo: Bobby Gill


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North-South Competition

North/South CompetitionNorth
Finishers under 10 hours5825
Total Entrants349
Factor (North/South)2.2018

Each runner under 10 hours scores for his or her side. If the runner is from the side with the greater number of entrants (the North, as it was in 1861 and is now), he will score one point. If the person is from the side with the smaller troop strength (the Sounh), he will score a proportionally larger amount to account for the lesser troop strength.

For the second year in a row, the North won the friendly competition. No one takes this very seriously. Many runners from Virginia ran for the North.

Initial Battle Report

Anstr Davidson
Race Director Emeritus

Did every person who finished the 22nd Bull Run Run know that he or she would beat Frank Probst? It was quite a day.

Frank Probst and Gary Knipling, the first 70-year old finishers
Photo: Toni Aurilio

The day was beautiful. Dry and sunny. The trail was dry with little of the mud that can plague the runners. But there was one problem. The predicted 70 high temperature became 80. Add no leaf cover and runners whose only training was in very cold weather, and the day became very tough. The attrition rate was high, but not that high. The runners for the most part overcame the heat to finish.

Brian Rusiecki, from Massachusetts, won the event for the third year in a row. James Blandford was second, as he was last year. William Kuper was third, and the last person to break seven hours. Rusiecki's time was 18 minutes slower than last year.

While the men's winners were not close, the women were. Kathleen Cusick won the race finishing ahead of Megan McGrath by 61 seconds. Jacqueline Palmer was third.

Bull Run Run traditionally honors those who have finished the race frequently. Three runners had finished all prior editions of the event. Unfortunately, Tim Stanley broke his string as serious medical condition caused him to drop at 16 miles. He had never dropped. He didn't know what to do.

Winning Female Team "WUSsies with Kittycats"
Photo: Bobby Gill

The other two who had finished all of them, Tom Green and Frank Probst, soldiered on and became 22-time finishers.

This year also presented the possibility of Bull Run Run's first 70 year old finishers. Three 70 year old runners, all with many prior BRR finishes, were on the starting line. Bill Wandell had had surgery just a few weeks before. He could not finish. But Gary Knipling and Frank Probst did.

Frank is older than Gary. Gary finished ahead of him, but Frank is now the oldest BRR finisher. (We are pretty sure he had that title before this year's event.) Frank is not a good runner for a 70 year old. Frank is a very good runner. Frank's average finishing time for the 22 times he has finished BRR is 9:48. His best time was 8:11 at the age of 54. But Frank is not a fan of heat. Frank defines heat as anything over 50. The day was a struggle. In someways, Frank's finish was one of his most impressive. He was the last official finisher, beating the cutoff by four and a half minutes.

Winning Male Team "WUSsies Chasing Kitties"
Photo: Bobby Gill

The bluebells at the upstream end of the course are usually one of the run's glories. This year, however, the long, cold winter delayed their appearance. They were out, but not as good as usual.

The team competition was spirited as always. Team WUS claimed to division wins. The men won the male division and the ladies won the female division. WUS is the "Woodley Ultras Society." It is composed of people who run out of Kerry Owens's house in DC. They are young and fast.

The coed team division was won by the Pagoda Pacers.

The team competition is not just for fast people. There is also a slowest division. This award is highly sought after. This year, "Miles in Memory of Donna" was the slowest team with three members finishing over 12 hours. Team member Danny Mowers almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by finishing in 7:47:43.

Finally, the oldest team was "HURTs so good." Frankly, this teams performance was not impressive. It's oldest member was a relatively young 53 and two members were under 50. This team was young. Last year's winning oldest team averaged over 60 years old.

Bull Run Run has a history of treating runners well. This year continued that fine tradition. Well over 100 volunteers helped runners. The aid stations had themes and special goodies. The Wolf Run Shoals aid station continued the tradition of having a unique theme each year. This year, it was "Christmas." There was, apparently, a Naughty and Nice list. Gary was on the naughty list.

Tom Green with perpetual award for most finishes by a southern trooper
Photo: Toni Aurilio

The finish line again had the Furbutt Cafe. Runners, volunteers, crews, random hikers, and anyone else in the area could get burgers, brats, chili and TLC. This year saw the transition in leadership of the cafe from Dave Quivey who founded and nurtured it to White House Tom McNulty who will carry on the tradition. New this year, the servers were actually wearing gloves!

Speaking of transition, this was the first year for Bob Gaylord and Toni Aurilio as the race directors of the event. Bob and Toni did a great job. Carrying on the tradition of the race while adding their own imprint. Three of the four prior race directors were in attendance and gave their approval.

All told, it was a great but tough day for a run. As a group, the runners conquered the course and left the battlefield in victory. Those who finished received a cool beach towel to honor their achievements.

Congratulations to all the runners and to Bob and Toni for putting on such a great event. See everyone next year!

Note on Photos

We had several volunteer photographers this year. There should be a photo of most runners at least somewhere. The volunteer photographers would be happy to let you use a photo, including printing it, for private, non-commercial purposes. If you want to do anything else with one of their pictures, please ask first. Any public display of these photos should include proper attribution to the photographer.

Lost and Found

All the cool gear from the 2014 Lost and Found pile has gone to help the less fortunate train hard to beat you at a race.

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