Robin Kane and Derrick Carr

1998 Bull Run Run Report

Prepared by Scott Mills, April 1998

The Virginia Happy Trails Running Club (VHTRC) hosted the Sixth Annual Bull Run Run 50 Miler this past weekend, and race day weather was perfect in spite of the best efforts of some of our northern California participants who attempted to bring the wrath of "EL Nino" with them--it didn't happen! What follows are some preliminary battle statistics and unofficial results.

VHTRC Bull Run Run 50 Mile Trail Run
April 18,1998
Clifton, VA
Participants: 198 starters, 180 finishers (158 men and 32 women)
Representations: 22 states and Canada
Race Day Temps: Low 45. High 70
Course Conditions: Slightly muddy (well, maybe a bit more than slightly!)

Category Winners ("N" depicts northern participants and "S" depicts southern):
Overall Winner: Vassili Triantos (N, Master) 6:55:49 (also our 1993 winner)
Overall Female Winner: Gail Ierardi (N, F-Open) 8:47:46* (new course record)
Men S Open Winner: Joe Schlereth 7:16:39 (west coast transplant)
Men N Master Winner: Andy Peterson 7:21:47
Men S Master Winner: Jeff Hinte 7:38:02 (HAT 50K Run RD)
Men N Senior Winner: Jim Barry 8:54:30 (G.A.C member)
Men S Senior Winner: Frank Probst 8:15:05 (VHTRC member)
Men N Clydesdale Winner: Richard Freeman 8:11:12
Men S Clydesdale Winner: John Demorest 8:37:00 (actually a super-heavy clyde)

Gail IerardiWomen S Open Winner: Michele Kane 9:00:17 (VHTRC member, now wears cool sunglasses!)
Women N Master Winner: Irene Weston 9:54:57
Women S Master Winner: Dale Weitzel 11:53:10 (Six-time veteran)
Women N Senior Winner: Lynn Morrow 11:05:48
Women S Senior Winner: Marge Burley 11:54:41
Women N *Clydesdale Winner: Martha Gilley 11:05:48 (G.A.C. member)
Women S *Clydesdale Winner: Kimberly Fleming 10:50:46
(*Women Clydesdales only have to be over 135 lbs!)

Ultra Running Club Winner Divison: After a very thorough and complex analysis of all the results, this division was a tie between the VHTRC and the G.A.C. (from up north in Mass.)

Most Pizza & Ice Cream Eaten After Race Division Winner: Chris Scott

Congratulations to all our participants and a special thanks to all our volunteers who put on a first-rate event. We'd also like to recognize contributions from Fleet Feet Virginia, Conquest Replenishment Drink Co, Nike, and the support from the Hemlock Overlook staff.

We hope to see many of you next year for the Seventh Battle of the BRR50, so till then, happy trails........

Scott Mills

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