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High Water Course

Here is information about one of the course options we would use if high water or excessive mud precludes us from going to the upstream turnaround in Bull Run Regional Park. Even this course may not be usable in all situations. It is the course we used in 2005.

2005 Bull Run Run Distances and Cutoff Times
Aid StationSect
Time of Day
Cub Run (no aid)18.2 
Bull Run Marina4.518.7 
Wolf Run Shoals523.7 
Fountainhead225.71:30 PM (7:15)
Do Loop4.430.12:30 PM (8:15)
Do Loop333.1 
Fountainhead4.437.54:10 PM (9:55)
Wolf Run Shoals239.5 
Bull Run Marina544.55:45PM (11:30)
Finish5.5507:15 PM (13:00)
Note: You cannot drop at the Do Loop aid station unless you have serious medical problems. If you miss the cutoff going in, you will be told to go straight back to Fountainhead where you will be pulled. There is no cutoff going out of the Do Loop. Similarly, you may not drop at Wolf Run Shoals.

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