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Before You Enter

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This event is not for everyone. Before you enter the Bull Run Run, you should know that:

  1. Parking is difficult: Parking will require a ¼ mile to a ½ mile walk to the start and from the finish.
  2. Initial aid stations are low key: The first three stops at aid stations offer only fluids and limited food -- they aren't brunch buffets.

  3. Runners crossing Little Rocky Run
    (about 6 miles) in 2003.
  4. Personal listening device use: We don't want you using personal listening devices on the first 16 miles of the course (and discourage them on all of the course). VHTRC Policy on use of personal listening devices.
  5. No pacers: You are not allowed to have anyone who is not entered in the event to accompany you on the course (i.e. no pacers).
  6. Time limits: There are both intermediate and overall time limits that are strictly enforced -- this is not a hike.
  7. No bathrooms on the course: You need to use the woods in an environmentally correct way (i.e. bury it). Your fellow runners will be using the woods also.
  8. Mud and High Water: Parts of the trail can be muddy if there has been rain before or on race day. Stream crossings could require fording. (See view from 2003.)

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