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Parking has become a big issue at the Bull Run Run. Our parking volunteers will work hard to make parking easier for you. We hope you will help us.

BRR Parking Map
For a better map of the start finish, see the Google Map

BRR Parking Sucks! Parking is limited and difficult at BRR. The shortest possible walk from the parking lot to the start is ¼ mile and many will have to walk up to ½ mile. The lot is grass (with some mud, depending on the weather) and not flat. There is barely room for all the runners, let alone the crews and volunteers.

We could fix parking easily by significantly reducing the number of runners. We don't want to do that. We do want everyone to help us address the parking problem.

What You Can Do to Help: Here is how you can help us:

Crew Parking: Our goal is to accomdate your crew at the event. But we can't promise that there will be a place to park for all the crews at all times.

DON'T! Please abide by these rules. Illegally parked cars may be towed.

Friday Parking: The Saturday parking lots will likely be closed on Friday. Please watch for signs or monitors for correct parking on Friday.

Thank you for your cooperation. Happy trails!

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