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All Time Finisher Data

Updated through 2019 Event
There have been 6,284 performances by 2,852 runners.

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If you enter first and last names, you get only people who match both. So "B Smith" will match "Bill Smith" but not "Sam Smith." Just entering "Smith" will match both Bill and Sam. It will also match Fred Smithsonian.


Search returns a list from which you pick the record to view.

We have data on all those who have ever finished the Bull Run Run officially. (People who crossed the finish line over 13 hours are not here, but they are still listed on the results for that year. For our purposes, we traditionally considered 13:00:59 and faster not "over 13 hours," but that was changed in 2016. Now the finish must be under 13 hours.) Since this data is now extensive, we have put it in a database. You can search various ways to find prior performers or performances.

Fixing Errors: The database will make it easier to fix the inevitable errors. If you ran under different names, your number of finishes will not be correct. Please let us know at if you see a problem.

Look at One Runner or Create a List

There are two ways to see this data. If you are interested in one runner, use the box at right. You can find all the information we have on anyone who has ever finished the event.

If you want to see how people size up with others in terms of time, number of finishes, etc., you can sort the data into lists. Just click on the appropriate buttons in the box below. In the first section, you choose whether the sort is of men, women, or both and, optionally, if you want to narrow it down to one age group. You then choose how you want that data sorted (by time, number of finishes, etc.).

Sort Data Base

What Records to Search?

Men Women Both

Age Group:
All Open (under 40) Master (40-49) Senior (50-59) Super Senior (60 and over)

Sort Data By?

Time Age, then Time Home, then Time Number of Finishes


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