2019 Report

27th Annual

VHTRC Bull Run Run

Clifton, Virginia

Saturday, April 13, 2019

266 starters, 159 finishers

59.8% finishing rate


Jim Blandford winning the 2019 Bull Run Run.

Keith Knipling

The 27th Bull Run Run will be remembered as the year with very slow times and a sub-60% finishing rate. Heavy rains the night before race day made for muddy conditions that challenged every step of the run.

James Blandford was the overall winner in 7:57:16 while Sheila Vibert won the women’s field in 8:59:52, sixth overall.

A full report will be coming shortly.

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Sheila Vibert seems unfazed by the mud at mile 17.6.

Keith Knipling

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Stephanie Hurtado and Anstr at the finish of the 2019 Bull Run Run. Stephanie finished in 11:50:50.

Stephanie Hurtado

Stephanie Hurtado featured Anstr Davidson, VHTRC founder, Web Guy, and former BRR RD, on her podcast, Running Divine. Listen here.

What will Bull Run Run be like when these kids are 27?

Keith Knipling