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Reverse Ring
February 22, 2014

18 entrants as of February 23, 2014
Event Web Page

Mike Bur and Quatro Hubbard are in charge of this event. For questions, send e-mail to mjcbur@hushmail.com or go to the event Web page.

Bob AndersonMale67VA
Jack AndersonMale31MD
Double-Cam BakerMale36PA
Ernesto CasarezMale57MD
Stephen CooperMale59MD
Double-Kathleen CusickFemale38VA
Jill DevereuxFemale47MD
Ron EshlemanMale45MD
Michael GildeaMale49VA
Elise HarringtonFemale58CO
Jen JacobsFemale37DC
Charlie JoyceMale44MD
Keith KniplingMale38VA
Alexander PapadopoulosMale39VA
David QuiveyMale51IN
Matt SmytheMale33VA
Doug SullivanMale52DC
Carolyn WilsonFemale54VA

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