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Registration is now Closed

MMT Training Run 1
February 1, 2014

Most VHTRC activities have no fee or a very small one. But we need to plan. Please use this form to enter or RSVP for a VHTRC event. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

If you are RSVP'ing to a social event and you are bringing your spouse or a date, please check the appropriate box.

Privacy: If you are registering for an event that will have results, we need your age, sex, and home state. We do not need that information for an event like a training run that will not have results. We would like your phone number in case we need to track you down in an emergency. We will not disclose your e-mail or phone in public. All other information may be public on results or list of attendees or entrants.


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Registration Form

Please capitalize your name, but don't type in ALL CAPS. (Example: "Joe Blow" not "joe BLOW.") That will save us the extra effort of manually changing your submission later. Thanks for your cooperation!

MMT Training Run 1

Registration is now Closed

Applicants must be approved by the RD before they are in the run.
The entry limit is 75.