Massanutten Training Academy
2020 Syllabus (click on event for details)
Final Exam: MMT 100 May 16103.718,500
Quiz 1: Caroline Furn. to Elizabeth Furn.Jan 1832.04,600
Quiz 2: Elizabeth Furn. to Camp Roos.Feb 830.56,400
Quiz 3: Camp Roos. to Caroline Furn.Mar 2835.06,000
Quiz 4: Chocolate BunnyApr 325.95,320
Bonus 1:  Waterfall 50kmJan 1930.85,320

Massanutten Training Academy

The Massanutten Training Academy is a series of four organized training runs for the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 (MMT 100). The training runs are organized by Larry Huffman, Guy Towler and Dave Woll, and sponsored by the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club (VHTRC). Details for each event are provided in the syllabus above. The following general guidelines apply to all four events:

There is no entry fee. Most of the aid supplies are donated (see below) and the VHTRC foots the bill for the rest.
Upon enrollment, you will be asked to contribute one specified food or drink item (soda, potato chips, cookies, etc.) for the aid stations.
Book bags
In addition to the community aid, you will have access to one small personal drop bag. Please ensure that your name is clearly marked on your drop bag so we know that it is yours.
Volunteers are needed to make this happen. Please consider “giving back” and helping out your fellow runners.
More information
You are responsible for knowing the way. Check out the MMT 100 web site for course information. Spend some time getting familiar with the course so that you don’t get lost.
Please email the run leader in charge for each run. Their contact information is available in the sidebar for each run.

Last modified: Mar 13, 2020