October 12, 2002
44.8 Miles on the W&OD Bike Path

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Vienna Aid Station Pictures (off site)

Winner Harry BruellThe 2002 running of the Andiamo W&OD 45 Mile Run saw the largest field in the ten year history of the event. Harry Bruell, pushed a baby stroller for the first six miles, and then passed a fading Gary Grilliot with three miles left to go to take the win. Anita Walker was the top female and finished third overall. Rebecca Moore, coming back from major challenges finished a little later.

All but one of the entrants showed up at the start despite "the sniper." The weather was cool, overcast, and a bit humid. This was the tenth running of Dave Moruzzi's creation. The Andiamo is a small, low key run, but it has loyal fans. Two of those are Carolyn Gernand and Paul Dwyer. Carolyn has done several Andiamos including the "virtual Andiamo" that we had one year. Paul was in the second Andiamo and many since.

Runners at the StartWe keep the field small by promising only two aid stations. But then we have several volunteers who come forward to supplement those two. This year, Russ Evans set out aid in Reston and Joe Clapper put aid out at Cedar Lane. Paul Ammann's wife Becky and his son Matt and friend Eamonn gave put aid out at the station in Vienna. Their efforts played to rave reviews. Bill VanAntwerp did something out there, but I am not sure where.

The two most important volunteers were Kathleen Cavanaugh and Tom Corris who got up early to drive runners to Purcellville. They were the key to the run. Thank you to all the volunteers!

The field sorted itself out pretty quickly. By the first aid station, it was clear that Anita Walker was going to do very well. She was fourth at that point and moved up to third by the end. She had wedged in the Andiamo into a tight schedule of marathons and David Horton's Masochists next weekend. Meanwhile, Joe Malinowski, and his ladies, Mary McMurray and Amy Riggio, were having way too much fun. This was Amy's first ultra.

The finish line was much more pleasant this year. Apparently, the "hiring hall" for day laborers has moved. As runners finished, they were awarded the coveted Andiamo finishers patch and a VHTRC refrigerator magnet and window decal. There was also a wonderful ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich made by the race director. (Well, it was a sandwich.)

Be sure to see the pictures I took and those from Paul Ammann on the GMU site.

All in all, it was another great day on the W&OD Trail. The event owes its popularity to this priceless recreational resource. Thanks to all who participated. We will see you again in 2004!


1Harry BruellHarpers FerryWV33M6:37:30
2Gary GrilliotAshburnVA38M6:45:37
3Anita WalkerCarollina BeachNC36F7:34:27
4Bill TurrentineCentervilleVA53M7:47:18
5Paul AmmannViennaVA41M7:57:10
6Michael PriddyAlexandriaVA26M7:58:56
7Mike BrightGambrillsMD52M7:58:57
8Chris RiveraWashingtonDC29M8:18:45
9Jim CavanaughArlingtonVA60M8:27:14
10Paul DwyerRestonVA62M9:34:12
11Lou JonesSpringfieldVA57M9:54:27
12Miguel GomezAlexandriaVA54M10:21:51
13Amy RiggioAshburnVA28F10:24:40
Joe MalinowskiLake RidgeVA54M10:24:40
Mary McMurrayAlexandriaVA36F10:24:40
16Carolyn GernandAlexandriaVA54F10:36:53
17Keith DunnArlingtonVA43M10:46:53
18Clarence WilsonAberdeenMD45M10:48:47
19Rebecca MooreAlexandriaVA57F13:10:00
James MooreAlexandriaVA58M13:10:00
21Gary GlaserLexington ParkMD56M13:16:00
 Mark KennedyFairfaxVA27MDNF

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