From Jim Moore:

Jim and Rebecca in cooler weather!Hello and Thanks to All

We would like to thank each and every one of you for the support, both mental and physical, that allowed us to experience such a wonderful and challenging run and bike. It's almost beyond words to describe the feelings, emotional highs and lows, we were able to share together while we challenged the 370 mile journey out and back on the C&O Canal TowPath.

We extend initial special thanks to the "Web Meister", Anstr Davidson, whose tireless effort allowed family and friends to follow our trip via the Internet and for the all the pledges he pulled in.

Thank you Anstr, Joe Clapper, Carolyn Gernand, Carolyns's running partner, and our daughter Lisa for being at the start and running a few miles with us to get us going.

Thank you Bill Sublett for popping up out of nowhere on the trail to run with us. What a "pick you up".

Thank you Jim and Bunny Runyan for the wonderful company on the trail. I thought these guy we going to run the whole leg with us. They were great.

Thank you Ben and Kim for the wonderful aid stations. Ben met us twice with goodies like cold sodas, ice, sandwiches, C-rations and a cold beer. TASTE GREAT!!!!!

Thank you Larry DeHof who picked us up just above Fletcher's Boat House and ran the rest of the way in with us.

Thanks again to the great one, Anstr, who met us on his bike around the 11-mile mark and stayed with us the remainder of the way providing support.

Thanks to the cast of thousands at the finish, Brenda Davidson with all the goodies (which included some very good beer), Carolyn Gernand (I want to be with Carolyn when she gets that first 100 miler under her belt), my man Mart Szekeresh (what a pleasant surprise Marty and I have logged a lot of trail time in together), our daughters Lisa and Denise (who says we're stressing them out doing this stuff and promises never to let us do it again), our son, Terrence, from afar (he's not quite as stressed out, he just shakes his head).

I've referred to "we" and "us" in our thanks to you, because the other person participating in this adventure is the unsong heroine, my wife Rebecca. With minimum biking experience she outfitted her bike, packed it with the necessities for the trip and then rode it all the way providing me support. I owe her big time.

I plan to present the monies pledged to So Others Might Eat (SOME) within the next week or so. For those who wish you make make checks out to SOME or to me and mail them to me at:

Jim Moore
5290 Duke St Apt 406
Alexandria, VA 22304
(202) 616-7227 (w)
(703) 212-7320 (h)


71 O St NW
Waashington, DC 20001-1290
ATTN: Linda Lynch
(202) 797-8806

I will provide detailed account of our adventure, some pictures and a total money count. The round figure count right now is $3000.00