The Massanuttens from Shenandoah National Park

Massanutten Trail Circuit Run - 71 Miles

September 4-5, 2004
Report and Results

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Note that I changed the splits to the 24 hour clock. I did it manually by adding 12 or subtracting from 24. If I messed up in the process, please let me know. All of Carolyn's splits are here now. More information and pictures will be coming soon.

2004 Ring Results
Aid stations list time-of-day arrival on 24 hour clock. Start was at 07:00.
Name Cp Roos
25 mi
34.3 mi
40.7 mi
48.7 mi
56.9 mi
62.7 mi
71.1 mi
Sue Johnston12:2814:5316:4719:1021:4523:3602:1119:11
Scott Brockmeister12:2814:5216:4719:1021:4523:3602:1119:11
Mike Bur12:3715:2117:2020:0123:2701:2704:5921:59
Scott Crabb12:5416:0218:1921:0800:1002:2505:5222:52
Bill Wandel14:0017:2319:4623:0702:2904:4508:0025:00
Quatro Hubbard13:2316:1818:4622:0701:4704:1108:0925:09
Sophie Speidel12:5815:5217:5520:3800:0003:1508:0925:09
Margie Hughes14:2017:5620:3700:1904:0406:3610:0427:04
Anita Finkle14:2017:5620:3700:1904:0406:3610:0427:04
Barb Isom14:2017:5620:3700:1904:0406:3610:0427:04
Vicki Kendall14:2017:5620:3700:1904:0406:3610:0427:04
Dru Sexton14:2017:5620:3700:1904:0406:3610:0427:04
Graham Zollman14:2017:5620:3700:1904:0406:3610:0427:04
Bob Phillips14:1117:2819:5823:3603:5206:3610:2827:28
Carolyn Gernand15:4019:1523:4506:0510:1513:1018:0535:05
Sue Thompson13:4516:4318:5822:4002:25 DNF
James Moore15:4019:1523:45 DNF

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Fellowship met on September 4 to induct new members. The Ring is a 71 mile circuit of the Massanutten Trail. The trail is long, hard, rocky, and slow.

Sue Johnston's time is a new best by a woman, bettering Bethany Hunter's time in 2002. Watch for more photos and reports soon.

Ring Participants
Ring Participants before the Start at the Signal Knob Trailhead

Ring Resources

The Massanutten Trail at Powells Fort Camp

2003 Run Report

Deb Pero's "Pictures" of the Ring

Mileages on the MT Trail (these milages are counter-clockwise -- NOT the way we (you) are going)

Massanutten Trail Run, September 2002

Wil Kohlbrenner's Report on the Massanutten Trail (PATC Site)

Massanutten Trail Dedication

Reports by Chris and Anstr on their April 2002 Run

Map G from the PATC

Sun and Moon Data for the Run

Sun and Moon Data for One Day

The following information is provided for Front Royal, Warren County, Virginia (longitude W78.2, latitude N38.9):

        4 September 2004      Eastern Daylight Time          

        Begin civil twilight       6:17 a.m.                 
        Sunrise                    6:45 a.m.                 
        Sun transit                1:12 p.m.                 
        Sunset                     7:38 p.m.                 
        End civil twilight         8:05 p.m.                 

        Moonrise                  10:06 p.m. on preceding day
        Moon transit               5:15 a.m.                 
        Moonset                   12:35 p.m.                 
        Moonrise                  10:35 p.m.                 
        Moonset                    1:38 p.m. on following day


Phase of the Moon on 4 September:   waning gibbous with 69% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.

Last quarter Moon on 6 September 2004 at 11:11 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

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