Potomac Overlook Trail Runs
4k - 8k - 12k

Saturday, April 1, 2000

Report from Ed Demoney

Food for Others appreciates the contribution of VHTRC to making the Potomac Overlook Trails Runs a highly successful and fun event. The final results show proceeds of $2,232, expenses of $779.25 and net donations to Food for Others of $1,425.75. The expenses do not include the amounts that sponsors absorbed. In addition to the financial help, the trail runs help us publicize our activities to the community.

As usual, the Mad Bomber hats were a big hit, and we appreciate their contribution. Runners also enjoyed the spring flowers provided by the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club. Chris Scott conducted an energetic awards presentation. Valerie Meyer and Anstr Davidson did a marvelous job of producing results with both times and pictures on the VHTRC web site the same day as the event. Everyone participating seemed to have fun, thanks to many wonderful volunteers and good weather. There were no left-over refreshments.

There was a record crowd this year, by far the most runners with 151 registered and 143 actually running. There were 31 women and 27 men in the 4K, 19 women and 23 men in the 8K and 10 women and 33 men in the 12K. Course records were set in the 8K by 14 year old Katie Read of Arlington, and by 28 year old Eric Desautels of Arlington in the 12K.

Winning times:

Event Women Age Time Men Age Time
4K Emma Causey 12 23:05 Steve Gass 24 18:39
8K Katie Read 14 40:19! John Hayward 36 35:02
12K Colleen Dulin 31 1:07:39 Eric Desautels 28 47:14!

The trails and parking are limiting factors in the number of competitors we can manage for the Potomac Valley Trail Runs. We are fortunate to have great park facilities and the parking lot just outside the park provided by the Donaldson Run Swimming Pool. We may have reached our capacity this year, unless we find different means to manage the event. We look forward to working with all of you again next year.



Results from 2000 Event

Here are the results of the 2000 Potomac Overlook Trail Runs. Perfect weather and a large crowd made for a great event. Katy Read (age 14) and Eric Desautels (age 28) set course records. This trail run is yet another great event that was conceived, planned, and executed by Ed Demoney. Hope every one enjoyed it!

Check out the photos: Photos

Results are compliments of Valerie Meyer. Take some of this data with a grain of salt. At least one person lied about his or her age!

Women -- 4 km
Causey, Emma12FArlington, VA23:05
George, Kristy25FArlington, VA23:06
Edwards, Lauren14FSpringfield, VA23:43
Sattazahn, Mary35FArlington, VA24:08
Caputo, Christine25FArlington, VA24:31
Lusi, Susan38FWashington, DC24:54
Benner, Rodelle24FAlexandria, VA25:26
Sumaray, Audrey33FOxon Hill, MD25:36
Burch, Margaret39FFarifax, VA26:00
Miller, Kathryn23FArlington, VA26:01
Mellin, y36FArlington, VA26:22
Evans, Jill11FArlington, VA26:25
Tubesing, Monica12FFairfax, VA26:31
Vallderuten, Fabiola28FArlington, VA26:57
LeBeau, Rachel21FClinton, MD27:40
Hultquist, Katie25FArlington, VA27:47
Bride, Jennifer30FArlington, VA27:59
Wartella-Justus, Jennifer27FAylett, VA28:00
Rieth, Susan46FArlington, VA28:08
Johnson, Shawn28FNorth Bethesda, MD28:10
Runyan, Bunny50FLeesburg, VA31:48
Kozlowski, Alison29FLeesburg, VA32:01
Wartella, Karin25FAlexandria, VA32:29
Howard, Andrea36FAlexandria, VA33:28
Murphy, Julie42FMcLean, VA34:04
Burk, Lacie11FAlexandria, VA34:38
Brown, Suzanne13FVienna, VA35:01
Butler, Karen43FArlington, VA40:40
Hilton, Laura25FArlington, VA48:45
Koch, P40FHerndon, VA54:14
Koch, Jessy4FHerndon, VA54:16
Men -- 4 km
Andrish, Sean30MLeesburg, VA16:33
Gass, Steve24MAlexandria, VA18:39
Clapper, Joe41MVienna, VA18:40
Oates, Ceron12MRiverdale, MD18:52
Shields, Evan11MWashington, DC18:59
Evans, Kenny14MArlington, VA19:41
Taylor, Aaron10MWashington, DC20:03
Byrnes, Joe30MChevy Chase, MD20:25
Hostutler, Matthew22MWheaton, MD20:27
Stearns, Michael40MSterling, VA21:13
Roper, Kai12MBowie, MD21:15
Evans, Ronald46MArlington, VA22:16
Whearry, Allen9MWashington, DC22:34
Diond, Willi48MArlington, VA23:25
Bookard, Reginald39MHyattsville, MD23:40
Bookard, Matthew12MHyattsville, MD23:40
Johnson, Paul30MHerndon, VA25:13
Crider, Leif26MUpper Marlboro, MD25:30
Estrada, Louis33MFalls Church, VA25:55
Winkert, John43MS Riding, VA26:03
Smyly, Doug27MUpper Marlboro, MD26:28
Schierholz, Kevin28MArlington, VA27:29
Lowery, Mike19MUpper Marlboro, MD27:33
Cox, Dean46MAlexandria, VA29:08
Murphy, Jack8MMcLean, VA30:54
Burk, Paul13MAlexandria, VA34:37
Koch, Cliff43MHerndon, VA54:18
Women -- 8 km
Read, Katie14FArlington, VA40:19 (CR)
Simpson, Sharley27FArlington, VA45:42
Lyden, Angela29FOakton, VA46:00
Nugent, Kelly28FArlington, VA46:30
Cox, Laura26FArlington, VA47:32
Danielson, Molly27FAlexandria, VA48:17
Poe, Stacy36FAlexandria, VA49:44
Lewicki, Jennifer28FReston, VA50:21
Kelly, Melanie26FArlington, VA51:05
Haley, Beth34FArlington, VA51:06
Moore, Megan22FWashington, DC53:08
Lower-Basch, Elizabeth28FAlexandria, VA54:08
Ganey, Sandra34FArlington, VA55:22
Goode, Stephanie25FAlexandria, VA55:29
Harvey, Stefan54FArlington, VA56:22
Muray, Elaine45FArlington, VA57:39
Jakubowski, Carri Anne25FArlington, VA59:30
Moore, Rebecca55FAlexandria, VA1:11:38
Brandle, Carol50FDallas, TX1:16:12
Men -- 8 km
Hayward, John36MAlexandria, VA35:02
Feeney, Thomas30MArlington, VA37:07
Hall, Macky30MArlington, VA39:18
Schwark, Stuart38MFairfax, VA39:25
Alpuche, Paul37MWashington, DC43:30
Williams, Aaron24MAlexandria, VA43:41
Schrebler, Roland35MWashington, DC43:44
McNaull, Justin27MAnnandale, VA43:59
Celtnieks, Imants55MWheaton, MD45:29
Cavanaugh, Jim58MArlington, VA45:31
Hilton, Tim26MArlington, VA48:04
Pedrozo, Pete44MAlexandria, VA49:43
Lewicki, Mark33MReston, VA50:22
Degen, Allan59MGaithersburg, MD50:25
Pusta, George22MArlington, VA53:04
Bowie, Brendan37MLeesburg, VA53:53
Knipling, Ron53MArlington, VA54:21
Baker, George51MBurke, VA54:48
Johnson, Monty54MOak Hill, VA55:35
Trimarco, Gerard31MWashington, DC55:37
Zahradnik, Bob30MArlington, VA56:19
Andrews, Daniel44MCollege Park, MD59:00
Rosenblatt, Josh41MRockville, MD59:28
Women -- 12 km
Dulin, Colleen31FAlexandria, VA1:07:39
Spratt, Andrea24FBethesda,MD1:12:14
Nelson, Karen30FArlington, VA1:13:30
Cpbell, Mary32FArlington, VA1:13:58
Carswell, Cheryl36FUpper Marlboro, MD1:14:56
Christie, Jeanne42FClinton, MD1:17:13
Kelly, Sue36FTakoma Park, MD1:18:41
Whitener, Sue33FSterling, VA1:21:17
Cox, Sandra35FAlexandria, VA1:23:08
Gernand, Carolyn51FAlexandria, VA1:36:27
Men -- 12 km
Desautels, Eric28MArlington, VA47:14 (CR)
Murphy, Daniel35MChevy Chase, MD50:07
Boufflert, Eric34MWashington, DC53:01
Broaddus, Matthew22MWoodbridge, VA54:03
Carr, Derrick38MFredericksburg, VA54:23
Sanders, Mike37MWashington, DC55:40
D'Angelo, Christopher20MWashington, DC56:47
Hale, Gelani20MAnnandale, VA57:40
O'Neil, Jim22MAnnapolis, MD57:41
Schneider, Frank45MLeesburg, VA1:00:14
Probst, Frank56MBurke, VA1:00:21
Guendelsberg, John49MArlington, VA1:02:27
Muray, Mauny52MArlington, VA1:03:10
Prescott, Mark41MDumfries, VA1:04:38
Knost, Jim41MBaltimore, MD1:05:30
Tullos, Gavin39MFt Meade, MD1:05:57
Klemm, Jeff49MMcLean, VA1:06:07
Henry, John34MArlington, VA1:06:16
Kreutner, Kevin26MArlington, VA1:06:46
Nelson, Dave31MArlington, VA1:07:23
Nobles, Barry33MReston, VA1:09:22
Fritz, Mike50MWashington, DC1:10:47
Shafer, Mark23MWashington, DC1:12:10
DeHof, Larry50MClinton, MD1:12:17
Walczak, Paul43MArlington, VA1:12:22
Sherlock, Paul43MArlington, VA1:15:50
Ryan, Larry47MMcEwensville, PA1:16:16
Weng, Jan53MAlexandria, VA1:20:30
Howard, Brad37MBaltimore, MD1:20:31
Hollowell, Darrell42MAshburn, VA1:21:16
Nanz, Ted56MFairfax Station, VA1:24:40
Moore, Jes55MAlexandria, VA1:36:42
Little, Robert50MBurke, VA1:41:52

The Potomac Overlook Trail Runs are sponsored by the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club, the Potomac Valley Track Club, and Potomac Overlook Regional Park. The runs are a fund raiser for Food for Others, a Virginia nonprofit food bank. All proceeds go to Food for Others. The Potomac Valley Track Club and the VHTRC are absorbing the expenses.

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