VHTRC 2009 Award Nominations

General Comment: While organized events are obvious tests of ability and count heavily, any run may be considered. Awards are for achievements for the period January 1 to December 31, 2009.

Ages are listed for awards based on running performance. Nominees are listed in alphabetical order.

Runner of the Year

Criteria: Recognizes two runners -- one male and one female member of the VHTRC -- who have demonstrated consistently outstanding performances in trail runs during the past year. Nominees for this award may be considered not only for their speed but also for their versatility and consistency as well as their support and representation of the club while performing at this high level over the year.


Sean Andrish (40)
1st Male at Hellgate 100KM, 12:16:23; 1st Male at Wild Duluth 100K, 10:52:00; 1st Male at GEER 50K, 4:47:18; 1st Male at Laurel Highlands 70, 11:41:37; 1st male at Promise Land 50K, 5:02:17; 1st male at Bel Monte 50K, 4:26:17; 2nd male at Old Pueblo 50, 7:34:40; 2nd male at Sweet H2O 50K, 4:27:16; 3rd male at Capon Valley 50K, 4:22:10; 5th male at Where’s Waldo 100K, 10:03:36
Karsten Brown (35)
2nd male at Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50KM 3:57:51;, 2nd male at Catoctin 50KM , 5:13:30; 3rd male at Highlands Sky 40M; 7:17:25, 1st male at Capon Valley 50KM; 4:05:23, 12th at Bull Run Run 50, 7:51:36
Frank Probst (66)
8:19:13 at JFK 50M; 10:30:20 at Mountain Masochist Trail Run 50M; 8:52:53 at Tussey Mountainback 50 Miler 50M; 10:25:22 at Highlands Sky 40M; 9:42:52 at Bull Run Run 50M


Jenny Anderson (35)
Established speed record for South Beyond 6K: 261 miles and 40 peaks over 6,000 feet in 6 days; 13 hours, 31 minutes, 1st New River Trail 50KM; 4:01:30, 1st Rattlesnake 50KM, 5:07:30; 4th female at Hellgate 100KM, 13:57:28
Annette Bednosky (43)
3rd female at JFK 50, 7:02:52; 3rd female at American River 50, 7:11:21; 4th female at Caumsett Park 50K, 3:47:59; 4th female at Mountain Masochist 50, 8:56:46; 4th female at Vermont 100, 21:11:18; 9th female at World IAU 24 hour, Bergamo, Italy
Vicki Kendall (57)
16:26:09 Hellgate 100KM; 10:35:50 Mountain Masochist Trail Run 50M; 11:10:18 Cheat Mountain 50M; 7:38:14 Catoctin 50KM; 9:34:56 Highlands Sky 40M; 28:00:24 Massanutten 100M; 6:49:05 Promise Land 50KM; 10:29:11 Bull Run Run 50M
Justine Morrison (29)
1st female at Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50K, 4:43:09; 1st female at Holiday Lake 50K, 4:25:18; 3rd female at Bull Run Run 50, 8:32:18; 6th female at Mountain Masochist 50, 9:29:50; 7th female at JFK 50, 7:45:54
Amy Sproston (35)
1st female at Laurel Highland 70, 14:02:41; 1st female at MMT 100, 24:59:55; 1st female at Bull Run Run 50, 7:34:05; 1st female at Bel Monte 50, 9:26:23; 2nd female at Promise Land 50K, 6:00:54; 6th woman at Where’s Waldo 100K, 12:04:35

Performance of the Year

Criteria: Recognizes one male and one female member of the VHTRC for the most outstanding performance of the year in a trail run. "Outstanding" is considered in terms of course difficulty and weather conditions as well as the age, sex, and ability of the runner. In other words, this is a relative, not an absolute, test.


Mike Campbell (59)
Rocky Raccoon 100: 19:37
John Dewalt (73)
Hardrock 100: 47:47:17
Gary Knipling (65)
Superior 100: 32:04
Scott Mills (58)
Western States 100: 23:15:52
Frank Probst (66)
JFK 50M : 8:19:13


Jenny Anderson (35)
Speed record for South Beyond 6K: 261 miles and 40 peaks over 6,000 feet in 6 days, 13 hours, 31 minutes
Vicki Kendall (57)
MMT 100M: 28:00:24, fastest time for women 50+
Martha Nelson (28)
VHTRC Womens Half Marathon: course record by 3 minutes, 1:37
Sophie Speidel (47)
Hellgate 100K: 14:58, fifth fastest time for women 40+
Amy Sproston (35)
Bull Run Run 50: 7:34, second fastest women’s time

Most Improved

Criteria: Recognizes one male and one female member of the VHTRC whose performances in trail running in the past year have significantly improved.


Karsten Brown (35)
Capon Valley 50K: 4:05, 1st male; Catoctin 50K: 5:13, 2nd male
Neal Gorman (33)
North Face 50 Championship: 8:04:39; Vermont 100: 18:33; MMT 100: 23:35:59
Mark McKennett (31)
MMTR 50: 11:34, a :20 improvement from 2008; 2009 Beast Series finisher
Jarrett Tighe (32)
Grindstone 100: 26:49, a 2:08 improvement from 2008; MMT 100: 27:29, a 1:28 improvement from 2008


Kirstin Corris (38)
Bull Run Run 50 Miler: 11:13:50, a :31 improvement; Women's Trail Half Marathon, 2:12, a :19 improvement; The Big Schloss 50K, 7:55, a :12 improvement
Jen Jacobs (32)
MMT 100: 32:20:54, a 3:25 improvement from 2008; Bull Run Run 50: 10:03:55, a 1:20 improvement from 2008
Alisa Springman (35)
Bull Run Run 50: 9:26:08, a 1:01 improvement from 2008; HAT 50K: 5:27:54, a :50 improvement from 2008

Rookie of the Year

Criteria: Recognizes the male OR female member of the VHTRC who, in his or her first year of trail running has demonstrated mental toughness and persistence as well as ability.

Rob Dolan (43)
Finished Beast Series in first year of running ultras (Holiday Lake 50K, Terrapin Mtn 50K, Promise Land 50K, Grindstone 100, MMTR 50, and Hellgate 100K)
Brad Hinton (33)
Old Dominion 100, 2nd male in 19:39:09; Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50KM, 3rd male in 4:15:24; 1st Male at Big Schloss.
Martha Nelson (28)
Course Record at Laurel Highlands 50K, 5:07; Course Record at Women’s Half Marathon Trail, 1:37


Criteria: Given to the VHTRC Ambassador of the Year. You figure out the criteria.

Mike Bur
Joe Clapper
Helen Hipps

Next Year, I'm Not Doing Anything Stupid

Criteria: Especially bad decision-making by a member of the club. (These awards identify the nominator (in parenthesis) so the nominees can seek revenge.)

Mike Bailey: Blogging about your own incompetence? (Darin Dunham)
Darin nominated Mike for being directionally challenged and—unlike any good Boy Scout—being woefully unprepared. What raises these traits above the ordinary class of VHTRC idiocy is that Mike blogged about his adventures. Read for yourself. This is just about as smart as Tiger Woods's texting his mistresses or leaving voice-mails.
Karsten Brown: Win the 50K and DNF your goal race? (Quatro Hubbard)
Karsten Brown ran the Capon Valley 50K one week before running MMT last spring. That’s not exactly what most people would consider a graceful taper. Well, he not only ran Capon-- he won it. He then had to drop from MMT. Quatro applauded his originality: "I think creative tapering like that should be suitably acknowledged."
Emily Grossman: The Barkley as your 1st 100 miler? (Kerry Owens)
You’re new to the VHTRC and you need a goal. What to do? Well, if you’re Emily Grossman, you decide to go from normal to stupid in a single leap-- you set as an immediate goal running a 100-miler. Then you go all the way to really, really stupid by deciding that your first 100 miler will be...The Barkley.

As Kerry said in nominating her, ”There’s a race called Rocky Raccoon or Vermont she could have considered. But instead, she tried for two loops of TWOT, but had to cut it short. Traumatized by the experience, she couldn't run again for months. Basically, I think she tried to go from 0 miles per week to 100 miles per week in about a week.”
Michele Harmon: Is the lack of oxygen at Hardrock to blame? (Brian McNeill)
For many months someone has been haranguing you to marry him. You nonetheless demur. Ingenuously, he arranges for you to spend several days at 10,000 feet, thus depriving your brain of much-needed oxygen. After you keep a 21 hour vigil waiting for him, said smelly runner arrives in Silverton and asks the question again. You accept Joe Clapper’s offer and don’t renege even after returning to sea-level, indicating that the brain-cell loss may be permanent.