Wildflowers on the Bull Run Trail

April 10, 2004
by Carolyn Gernand

  1. Virginia Bluebells (of course)
  2. Bluets
  3. Yellow Adder's Tongue
  4. Early Saxifrage (the tiny white flowers in cluster on long hairy stalk, leaves at ground)
  5. Bloodroot
  6. Cutleaf Toothwort (the 4-petaled white flowers in drooping clusters, deeply lobed leaves)
  7. Spring Beauty (still buds)
  8. Rue Anemone (this is the white one I thought might be a Hepatica of some type; flower similar but leaves different)
  9. Common violet (the dark puple one)
  10. Dog Violet (may be the lighter purple one - I didn't note the leaf shape, maybe we can tell in the photo)