Photos from
the 2005 Bull Run Run 50 Miler

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Blue BellsPhotos! The VHTRC has produced a CD with photos from the 2005 Bull Run Run 50 Miler. The CD plays a slide show of the run and then, in a separate folder, has a picture of most runners.

What You Should Know about the CD: The slide show runs from the CD. It need not be loaded on your PC although you could do that. The slide show works only on a Windows machine, but if you have a MAC, you should be able to view the picture files with your own software.

How To Get Your CD: BRR entrants ordered the CD at the event. Each gave us $1 to offset the cost of the CD, mailer, and postage. We don't want to make money on this thing and don't want to mess with a dollar or two. But to be fair to those who paid, we have established a "cost" to entrants who want a CD. If you want a CD, you must certify one of two things -- (1) you were a volunteer at the Bull Run Run, or (2) you donated $5 or more to any charity of your choice.

Shipping: Your CD will be deposited in the nearest blue mail box where U.S. government employees will whisk it away on its journey to your door. Allow a few days for shipping. If you expect to see Anstr Davidson at an event soon, you can save shipping costs by noting in the comment section that you will pick up the CD at that event. If you do this, please still provide your address so that we can mail it if Anstr won't be at the event in question or if he decides that it is easier to just mail it.

Disclaimer: The software for this slide show was not developed by the VHTRC and we make no representations about it. You use it at your risk. It has worked on our machines, but that does not mean it will work on yours.

To order the CD, fill out the form below.

Order Form

Please enter your name, address, and e-mail address, indicate your eligibility to receive a CD, decide whether you agree with the waiver, and click submit. If you have a comment, you can enter it in the comment box. All this data will be sent to Anstr Davidson who will use it only to send you your CD. You must fill out all fields except the Comment.

Name First:   Last:  
State (We can only mail to U.S. addresses.)
E-Mail Address Required so we can contact you about your order.
Re-Enter E-MAIL Why must I do this twice?
Eligibility to Receive a CD
Please check the status that qualifies you to receive a CD.

I volunteered at the BRR
I entered the BRR and I have or will donate $5 to the charity of my choice
WaiverI understand that the VHTRC is making no representation as to the usefulness or safety of this software and that I will use it at my own risk and not hold the VHTRC or anyone connected with the VHTRC responsible for any damage that this software might cause. In other words, if I put this CD in a computer and the computer then explodes and I lose all my data, I won't blame the VHTRC.
I don't agree. I do not want this software.
I agree with the above and want the software.


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