Week Seven
October 20 - 21

Congratulations to our Tri-Champions for Week Six! Jim Harris snuck in with a final Sunday night game win, joining Lisa Bandiera-Woetzel and Addie Welch with 13 correct picks against the spreads. Impressive, on what was a very unpredictable weekend of football.

The overall standings are starting to show some clarity - for now! Joint-overall leader from last week, Heath Harris, continued his string of amazingly consistent weeks of picks to open up a small lead on the field. Lisa parlayed her great showing this past weekend into a leap up into second place in the overall standings, two games back of Heath. Two games back of Lisa is the peloton: 8 players all tied for third overall. As with the college and pro seasons, next week will no doubt see yet another shakeup of these standings, as we now slide into the second half of the season.

About the Contest and Rules (read before playing the first time)

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Games for Week Seven
October 20 - 21

These games are only in draft. If you have a comment on whether a game should be in or out of the contest this week, feel free to let us know.

CincinnatiTemple-3.5 MarylandIowa-12.5 VirginiaDuke-8.5 ArizonaUCLA+1.5 Wake ForestFlorida State-10.5 MinnesotaNebraska-4.5 Mississippi StateLSU-6.5 USCUtah-7.5 North Carolina StateClemson-11.5 OklahomaTCU+11.5 OregonWashington State+1.5 AuburnMississippi+3.5 MichiganMichigan State+7.5 TulsaArkansas+2.5 MaineWilliam & Mary+7.5 Yale Penn+1.5 NFL GamesVisiting TeamHome TeamSpread ClevelandTampa Bay-3.5 DallasWashington-1.5 New OrleansBaltimore-2.5 CarolinaPhiladelphia-4.5

About the Contest - Rules

These rules are for the regular season. We don't do points for the bowl games.

In this contest, VHTRC members pick the winners of 16 college and four NFL games each week. The contestants are ranked by correct picks. (NFL ties don't count.)

Quatro and Anstr (and any other volunteers) select the games each week. Contestants must submit their picks by 11 p.m. on Friday. We tally scores for the week and over the season. (For the season totals, a contestant who misses a week's submission will receive the number of correct picks of the worst player minus two.)

Point Spreads We will continue to have point spreads for some games. We will list a number of points that will be added to or subtracted from the score of the home team before determining the game winner for our purposes. If the home team is the favorite, the spread will be a negative number, e.g. "-3.5," meaning that, in this case, if the home teams wins the game, 10-7, it will lose for our purposes because we will subtract 3.5 points from the home team's score.

If the home team is an underdog, the points will be postive, e.g. +3.5 points. In this case, if the home team loses 10-7, it will win for our purposes.

All point spreads will include half a point to prevent ties.

Ties in Regulation New this year, if a game with a point spread is tied in regulation, we will stop there and declare the underdog the winner. We will not use the final score. If there was no point spread or the game was "pick 'em," we will use the final score.

Some games will not have points. We will obtain points from Internet sources of Las Vegas odds, we may make up spreads ourselves. In any case, the points we list are the points that count regardless of what any other Web site says or how they may change during the week.

The goal of having points is to be able to have games like Notre Dame vs. Navy in the contest even if the game is in South Bend.

Regular entrants will receive a reminder e-mail on Thursday if they have not yet submitted picks for that week. A contestant may submit picks each week multiple times, but only the last submission counts.

There is no tangible award for the winner. Winning is priceless! (So suck eggs, Mr. IG!)

Your ranking will be public, so don't do this if you don't want that.

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