2019-20 College Bowls

The 12th and final week of the VHTRC contest saw a massive pile-up at the top of the results table. Six players tied for first with 13 games picked correctly. Paul Blackman, who picks the strong majority of each week's games, was in that group of weekly winners for the Fourth week in a row! Amazing. Perhaps TOO amazing?! In his own words: 'Good grief. Am I subject to impeachment?' The others who joined Paul atop this week's charts: Eric Thornton, Philip Westlake, Jim Daniels, Heath Harris, and, interestingly enough, the other person who selects the games, Quatro Hubbard. Jim Daniels was ultimately less interested in his luck in this contest, as he was among a number of VHTRC members who got lucky in the Western States lottery this past weekend. Heath Harris was last year's overall contest winner; he now gets to pass the 'green jacket' on to this year's decisive winner, Scott Lee.

Scott had quite the weekend. The highlight for him no doubt was being the 2019 season champion in our contest. But incidentally, he, too, was a winner in the Western States lottery. Good luck with your training for not only Western, but the Grand Slam! And congratulations on your dominant win in this year's football contest - Scott averaged just under 12 correct picks each week. Second place this year went to Jim Harris, Heath's dad. Paul Blackman's hot streak to end the season earned him a place on the podium, as he edged out Darin Dunham, Michael Strzelecki and Charlie Miracle.

And now, on to the bowls! All 41(!) of them. Twice as much fun as the regular season for you - literally. The first games are Friday December 20th, so get your picks in prior.

About the Contest and Rules (read before playing the first time)

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Games for 2019-20 Bowls

BowlDate-TVTeam One Team Two 
Bahamas Bowl
Dec 20
2:00 ESPN
Charlotte (7–5)Buffalo (7–5)
Frisco Bowl
Frisco, TX
Dec 20
7:30 ESPN2
Kent State (6–6)Utah State (7–5)
Celebration Bowl
Dec 21
Noon ABC
Alcorn State (9-3)North Carolina A&T (8-3)
New Mexico Bowl
Dec 21
2:00 ESPN
Central Michigan (8–5)San Diego State (9–3)
Cure Bowl
Dec 21
2:30 CBSSN
Liberty (7–5)Georgia Southern (7–5)
Boca Raton Bowl
Boca Raton
Dec 21
3:30 ABC
Florida Atlantic (10–3)SMU (10–2)
Camellia Bowl
Montgomery, AL
Dec 21
5:30 ESPN
FIU (6–6)Arkansas State (7–5)
Las Vegas Bowl
Las Vegas
Dec 21
7:30 ABC
Washington (7–5)Boise State (19) (12–1)
New Orleans Bowl
New Orleans
Dec 21
9:00 ESPN
UAB (9–4)Appalachian State (20) (12–1)
Gasparilla Bowl
Dec 23
2:30 ESPN
Marshall (8–4)UCF (9–3)
Hawai'i Bowl
Dec 24
8:00 ESPN
BYU (7–5)Hawaii (9–5)
Independence Bowl
Shreveport, LA
Dec 26
4:00 ESPN
Louisiana Tech (9–3)Miami (FL) (6–6)
Quick Lane Bowl
Dec 26
8:00 ESPN
Eastern Michigan (6–6)Pittsburgh (7–5)
Military Bowl
Dec 27
Temple (8–4)North Carolina (6–6)
Pinstripe Bowl
Bronx, NY
Dec 27
3:20 ESPN
Michigan State (6–6)Wake Forest (8–4)
Texas Bowl
Dec 27
6:45 ESPN
Oklahoma State (25)(8–4)Texas A&M (7–5)
Holiday Bowl
San Diego
Dec 27
8:00 FS1
Iowa Hawkeyes (16) (9–3)USC (22) (8–4)
Cheez It Bowl
Dec 27
10:15 ESPN
Air Force (10–2)Washington State (6–6)
Cotton Bowl
Arlington, TX
Dec 28
Memphis (17) (12–1)Penn State (10) (10–2)
Camping World Bowl
Orlando, FL
Dec 28
Noon ABC
Iowa State (7–5)Notre Dame (15) (10–2)
Peach Bowl
Dec 28
4:00 ESPN
LSU (1) (13–0)Oklahoma (4) (12–1)
Fiesta Bowl
Glendale, AZ
Dec 28
8:00 ESPN
Ohio State (2) (13–0)Clemson (3) (13–0)
First Responder Bowl
Dec 30
12:30 ESPN
Western Michigan (7–5)Western Kentucky (8–4)
Music City Bowl
Dec 30
4:00 ESPN
Mississippi State (6–6)Louisville (7–5)
Redbox Bowl
Santa Clara
Dec 30
4:00 FOX
Illinois (6–6)California (7–5)
Orange Bowl
Miami Gardens, FL
Dec 30
8:00 ESPN
Florida (9) (10–2)Virginia (24) (9–4)
Belk Bowl
Charlotte, NC
Dec 31
Kentucky (7–5)Virginia Tech (8–4)
Sun Bowl
El Paso
Dec 31
2:00 CBS
Arizona State (7–5)Florida State (6–6)
Liberty Bowl
Dec 31
3:45 ESPN
Navy (23) (10–2)Kansas State (8–4)
Arizona Bowl
Dec 31
4:30 CBSSN
Wyoming (7–5)Georgia State (7–5)
Alamo Bowl
San Antonio
Dec 31
7:30 ESPN
Texas (7–5)Utah (11) (11–2)
Outback Bowl
Jan 1
1:00 ESPN
Minnesota (18) (10–2)Auburn (12) (9–3)
Citrus Bowl
Jan 1
1:00 ABC
Michigan (14) (9–3)Alabama (13) (10–2)
Rose Bowl
Pasadena, CA
Jan 1
5:00 ESPN
Oregon (6) (11–2)Wisconsin (8) (10–3)
Sugar Bowl
New Orleans
Jan 1
8:45 ESPN
Georgia (5) (11–2)Baylor (7) (11–2)
Birmingham Bowl
Birmingham, AL
Jan 2
3:00 ESPN
Boston College (6–6)Cincinnati (21) (10–3)
Gator Bowl
Jan 2
7:00 ESPN
Tennessee (7–5)Indiana (8–4)
Potato Bowl
Jan 3
3:30 ESPN
Ohio (6–6)Nevada (7–5)
Armed Forces Bowl
Fort Worth
Jan 4
11:30am ESPN
Tulane (6–6)Southern Miss (7–5)
LendingTree Bowl
Jan 6
7:30 ESPN
Miami (Ohio) (8–5)La.-Lafayette (10–3)
CFP National Championship
New Orleans
Jan 13
8:00 ESPN
Peach WinnerFiesta Winner

About the Contest - Rules

In this contest, VHTRC members pick the winners of 16 college and four NFL games each week. The contestants are ranked by correct picks. (NFL ties don't count.)

Quatro (and any other volunteers) selects the games each week. Contestants must submit their picks by 11 p.m. on Friday. We tally scores for the week and over the season. (For the season totals, a contestant who misses a week's submission will receive the number of correct picks of the worst player minus two.)

Point Spreads We will continue to have point spreads for some games. We will list a number of points that will be added to or subtracted from the score of the home team before determining the game winner for our purposes. If the home team is the favorite, the spread will be a negative number, e.g. "-3.5," meaning that, in this case, if the home teams wins the game, 10-7, it will lose for our purposes because we will subtract 3.5 points from the home team's score.

If the home team is an underdog, the points will be postive, e.g. +3.5 points. In this case, if the home team loses 10-7, it will win for our purposes.

All point spreads will include half a point to prevent ties.

Ties in Regulation New this year, if a game with a point spread is tied in regulation, we will stop there and declare the underdog the winner. We will not use the final score. If there was no point spread or the game was "pick 'em," we will use the final score.

Some games will not have points. We will obtain points from Internet sources of Las Vegas odds, we may make up spreads ourselves. In any case, the points we list are the points that count regardless of what any other Web site says or how they may change during the week.

The goal of having points is to be able to have games like Notre Dame vs. Navy in the contest even if the game is in South Bend.

Regular entrants will receive a reminder e-mail on Thursday if they have not yet submitted picks for that week. A contestant may submit picks each week multiple times, but only the last submission counts.

There is no tangible award for the winner. Winning is priceless! (So suck eggs, Mr. IG!)

Your ranking will be public, so don't do this if you don't want that.

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