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VHTRC Football Game
Final Results
Week Three - September 23 - 24

Nunber of contestants submitting picks: 34
Number of games with final results: 20
Contest Home Page

Here are the final results for this week. Info about scores and point spreads

Contestant Standings

ContestantCorrectFavorite Team
Helen MacDermott12Rutgers
Charlie Miracle11Georgia
Scott Lee11West Virginia
Richard Britton11Colorado
Philip Westlake10South Carolina
Michael Hart10Nebraska
Heath Harris10Akron
Larry Huffman10JMU
Jim Harris10Youngstown St
Mundy Hackett9NL
Anstr Davidson9Pomona
Doug Massengale9NL
Michael McCumber9Virginia
Gary Knipling9Va Tech
Addie Welch9Penn State
Ivan Lee9Va Tech
Jim Daniels9West Virginia
Jack Evans9Air Force
Darin Dunham9Carnegie Mellon
Quatro Hubbard9USC
John Fitz8Maryland
Jeff Klein8NL
Lisa BandieraWoetzel8NL
Kevin Bligan8Penn State
Michael Gildea8Va Tech
Jacob Rodler8Michigan
Michael Strzelecki8Penn State
Dave Herring8Washington NFL
Gary Lukacs8Florida State
Chris Melvin8OSU
Paul Blackman7Northwestern
Jon Jester7Navy
Matthew Lancaster7Michigan
Edward Cacciapaglia7Va Tech

Game Results

College Games
Arkansas9Texas A&M25-2.5
TCU10Oklahoma State24-11.5
Duke22North Carolina12+2.5
Penn State22Iowa12+12.5
Mississippi State15Georgia19-3.5
Notre Dame17Michigan State17+4.5
Southern Cal23California11+15.5
San Diego State19Air Force15+3.5
St. John10St. Thomas24-2.5
NFL Games
Atlanta 23Detroit11+3.5
NY Giants9Philadelphia25-3.5

Note: The "spread" is the number of points that are added to the score of the home team. If the points are negative, the home team is the favorite and the number will be subtracted from the home team's final score. If the points are positive, the home team is the underdog, and those points will be added to the home team's final score. Not all games have a spread. The scores listed above should be the final, actual scores. We take the score at the end of the fourth quarter. If an underdog ties in regulation, it wins. If the game is pick 'em and has not spread, then we take the score at the end of overtime. This page does the math to determine the winner, designated in red, for our purposes.

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