Catawba Run Around

Saturday, March 6, 2004
Catawba, Va.

“No Marty, I’m fine, really. You go ahead and I’ll catch up with you.” (again, maybe, by dinner.) I picked a hell of a day not to be drinking. Gary offered me a shot of Knob but I declined. I should have known better. Marty was haulin’ ass. My quads were toast. And Horton, he was a big help: “Hey Corris! Your girlfriend is kicking your butt!” Oh yeah like that’s a news flash.

The other fact I needed no help in recognizing was the beauty of the mountains we were running in. The weather cleared early and the views from McAfee's Knob, Tinker Cliffs, and Dragon's Tooth were spectacular. Just like the brochure promised. Unfortunately however, due to an overabundance of slow twitch fibers, I was unable to observe the reported dual moon sighting over McAfee’s. Being employed by NASA and speaking strictly from a scientific standpoint, speed work is obviously more important than I thought.

So, many thanks Keith for organizing this enjoyable and challenging event, to all the volunteers who make it work, and to Bill and Catherine Cochran for their gracious hospitality. What a great day!

Tom Corris