Massanutten Mountain Trails 100

Front Royal, Virginia
May 8-9, 2004

Marty knows rocks. Marty knows rocks like Gary knows wild flowers. Marty knows wild flowers too but Gary doesn't know that. Ok maybe he does now. Marty knows rocks so well that she earned a degree in geology. And Marty not only knows rocks but she also likes to collect, study, and display them as well. Most people assume when they see the tail end of my truck draggin' on the ground that it's due to my inability to pack appropriately for a simple weekend outing. This is almost completely false. The real reason we look like the Clampetts coming down the road is because Marty likes rocks. I'm sure that one of the first things that you noticed at MMT this year was the scarcity of rocks. You can thank Marty for this. And me too if you want. And if you're really interested, I can tell you where they all went, not that anyone cares as long as they continue to migrate off the mountain. So, next time you see Marty, please congratulate her on completing her first 100 miler and thank her for liking rocks too.

Tom Corris