Brianís MMT Training Run #2

Massanutten Mountains
Luray, Va.
Sunday, February 22, 2004

Well, we had another great day up in the Massanutten! There were more running options than shoes in Mrs. Corrisí closet for the 26 runners that showed up. We had Brianís Run, Brianís Run Modified Versions A-Z, Edís Run, Burís Run, Doddsí Run, and (Your name here)ís Run. We certainly had great choices. But thatís not all! We also had something from every conceivable food and beverage category known to mankind. Believe it or not, we even had Knob Creek with brownies! Now thereís a winning combination. Then of course it was dinnertime, so off to Jaliscoís we went. Finally, after a quick swing through the ER and about 20 minutes on the stomach pump, I was heading for home.

As always, itís the participants that make these fun runs just that, big fun. So thanks to each of you for coming out. And special thanks to the following: Brian McNeill for conceiving this run. Sorry you werenít able to join us Brian. Charlie Isom for serving as the chuck wagon and bail out vehicle at 211 East. John Dodds, Cheryl Harrison, and Charlie for transportation to the start at Camp Roosevelt. Margie Hughes for collecting the 14 tons of aide we had strewn along the hillside at the Visitorís Center and transporting it to 211. Finally, Iíd like to thank the two coyote trappers who informed us of the numerous traps they had set and the locations thereof. And I think that they in turn appreciated the firm grip Rick Kerby kept on his fine canine Dogzilla who appeared to be ready to demonstrate a leg clamp of her own. Maybe next time girl.

See ya out and about!

Tom Corris