Scenes from the Coyote Fourplay

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1999 Coyote Fourplay photos, various photographers, captions by Chris
WARNING: Some pictures may be inappropriate for viewing in civil society!

1 Fresh bodies before the start of the 7+ mile Teaser on Thursday

2 One of the Studs on the ridge road on Ojai Course

3 Hog and Jerry at the Howard Creek A/S (note the bottle of Bailey's)

4 Pete Petri on the trail down Gridley

5 Ryan Manning, Pete Petri, and Dan Barger w-a-y too happy after the first day's run

6 Dickhead Director at the dinner on Friday night

7 Goaded at Thrusday's dinner, Mark McKinney shows off his colorful fish tights at Friday's dinner

8 Before the start on Saturday, it's apparent that brain cells have already begun to flee (Ryan, Dan, and Pete in the forefront)

9 Same Stud approaching Hidden Pond A/S on Saturday

10 Still same Stud, happy that he doesn't have to make the trek to the Tri-Peaks in the background

11 Before the start on the last day, just about the time someone farted

12 Craig Holloway and Bill Kee pack in XRds A/S supplies, stopping at the Waterfall to record the moment

13 Start on the last day--everyone walked!!--going up Ray Miller Trail

14 Anstr in a dream state at the Old Boney A/S

15 Anstr and Sook are each packing something, but they don't look like compatible packages

16 Sook and Maria yukking it up at the 50k finish, preparing to set up the finish line

17 Sook and Maria giving the runners reason to smile at the finish

18 Ryan and Anstr check to see if the finish line is edible

19 Anstr dazzles yet another ultra damsel (Noelle Olson) about his ultra exploits

20 Dickhead Director confused about which glasses to wear

21 Leslie Nacanisi, Gene T., Deborah Askew, Sook, Chris, Maria, and Bob enjoy the shade before the other runners begin piling in

22 Sook and Maria check Anstr's cheeks (see him smile?)

23 Peck's Bad Boy Ryan attempts to smooth his way into another tryst (looks like he's off ot a good start, too, doesn't it?)

24 Trail Markers find other uses--these folks (Jamie Dial, Rick Miller, Mark McKinney, Elaina McMahon, Barbara Miller, Dan Barger, Ryan Manning) are obviously having more fun than a multi-day ultra would normally produce

The Scenery

Poppies on Overlook Trail, looking down to Sycamore Canyon

Sunset from the top of Ray Miller Trail

Sunset from the Crossroads towards Mugu Peak

View to most of the course from Tri-Peaks

Looking east at dawn from the Tri-Peaks

Mike Turon on Overlook Trail with Tri-Peaks in background

Mike and Sook looking at Oxnard and Pacific Ocean from Tri-Peaks

View around Mugu Peak just after sunrise

Cascading falls up La Jolla Canyon

Shooting Stars and Chocolate Lilies in La Jolla Canyon

Shooting Stars in La Jolla Canyon

Rainbow over Newbury Park from Tri-Peaks

The trail up from Serrano Canyon

View to Tri-Peaks from Overlook Trail

Waterfall in upper Serrano Canyon

Top of Short Cut Trail with Tri-Peaks in background

View down from Mugu Peak trail

Derrick and Jane (left and 3rd from left) with the JABOYs (Maria, Chris,Sook and Mike) at Lake Tahoe before Western States

Poppies on Overlook Trail

Pictures from 1998

The Scenery:

Backbone Trail and Tri-Peaks

Serrano Valley, Santa Monica Mountains

Chamberlain Rock, Santa Monica Mountains

Pinos Mts from above Ojai

The Trail (white speck in distance is Joe Clapper)

The Participants

John Demorest, Frank Probst, Scotty, and Joe on top of Gridley trail on Ojai course.

James Moore, Frank Probst, Joe Clapper, and Anstr Davidson at Backbone Trailhead Parking Lot

Group at Backbone Trailhead Parking Lot

Scott, Phil, and Ryan at Tri-Peaks, Inspiration Point off of Backbone Trail.

After the Run

Phil Young, Annette Duran, Scott Mills, and Anstr

Chris and Gene Thibeault

Ryan Manning, Dan Barger, Rob Youngren, Adam Chase

Martina and Herbert Hausmann with Anstr behind

Anstr and Chris with Refigerator Magnet Award

Chris, Lisa Deaton and John Demorest

James "Big Hunk" Moore

Ridgecrest Over-the-Hill Track Club--OTHTC


Chuck, Mike, and Maria

Chris, Bill Kee, and Sook

Patagonia Volunteers--Craig, Laura, Alan, with Chris

Anstr's Photos

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