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Updated: 10/1/2001

Tricky Dick
President Richard Milhous Nixon--Patron of the Bad Attitude Awards
The Awards. The VHTRC Bad Attitude Awards, commonly called the "Scottys," are given to VHTRC members who whine, complain, bitch, and grouse during, or about runs. The awards are highly sought. There are two major categories--individual performances and life-time achievement.
Award Criteria: How does one qualify for recognition? There are two general ways to qualify. The first is to bitch about something you have no control over. The following is an example of a winning performance in this category:
"_ _ _ _ ! I stubbed my _ _ _ _ _ _ _ toe on that _ _ _ _ _ _ _ rock!"

Another common way to gain recognition is to complain about an activity you participated in voluntarily. A good example of this is:

"Boy, doing Hardrock two weeks after Western $tates is real hard. I am never going to do this again."
(The above was written almost four years ago. Notice how the more things change, the more they stay the same?!)
There are three ways to enhance your chance of winning a Scotty. These are:
  1. Deny you qualify for the honor;
  2. If you are a woman, to use the "f" word; and
  3. Blaspheme the JFK 50.
If you do a 2 and 3 at the same time (i.e. "f_ _ _ _ ing JFK,") it's called a "Colleen," and you receive instant Scotty recognition.

The Nomination Process. Unlike most awards, this is one that you can give to yourself. Most winners have designated themselves for the honor. Some, however, were recognized by a duly-appointed committee that met while Scott Mills was in California. Future awards will be given by vote of the people. If you have a nomination in either category, please send it to President Joe Clapper.
The Winners. There are several catagories and winners. But since this award is relatively new there are some "soft" records--just like records in the over 70 year old women's age group. You can join this list or nominate someone for the honor!

    Individual Performances

  1. Chris Scott at 50 Mile run on a track, date unknown. World and American Record!
  2. Derrick Carr at the MMT trail marking, 2001
  3. Anstr Davidson at Catoctin, 2000
  4. Scott Mills at Andiamo, '96
  5. Anstr Davidson trying to get Dennis Herr not to put on the Wild Oak 50 Miler, '97 (the whole year)
  6. Scott Mills at Browntown Loop run in the snow, '98
  7. Colleen Dulin at the Quad State '01*
  8. Anstr Davidson on Moonlite Run (with all the f_ _ _ ing down trees), '98
  9. Frank Probst at second day of Mugu 50-50 non-event, '98
  10. Michelle Kane at the assult on Stricklers Knob, September '98
  11. Frank Probst at any run when the temperature is over 50 degrees
  12. Scott Mills at Hardrock, '96 and 2000
  13. Scott Mills after Western $tates, '96 and 2000

* Second woman to receive a Scotty. Also, qualified for the special blaspheme award. She said, "F_ _ _ ing JFK!" (Meaning the race, not the former President.)

    Lifetime Achievement (Listed in alphabetical order.)

  • Anstr Davidson
  • Scott Mills
  • Frank Probst

    Scott, Anstr, Chris
    Three Proud Award Winners

    The VHTRC Bad Attitude Awards are for entertainment purposes only. The winners of the Bad Attitude Awards are purely fictional and any similarity to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental. "Bad Attitude" and "the Scottys" are the property of the VHTRC.