This is a summary description of the Massanutten Trail from the Signal Knob Parking area on SR678, Fort Valley Road. This description goes counterclockwise. It was prepared by Wil Kohlbrenner. Download version in Word for printing. See also the PATC page on the trail.

0 Signal Knob Parking. Climb to Buzzard Rock Overlook at 1.5 mi. Turn west to Fort Valley Overlook at 2.2 mi. Continue west.
3.4 Meneka Peak Tr intersection.
4.5 Signal Knob. Turn south on tower access road.
5.7 Tuscarora Tr crosses (Bear Wallow section to east, Doll Ridge section to west).
6.0 Trail goes west of road to skirt Strasburg reservoir.
6.6 Trail rejoins tower access road.
8.6 Mudhole Gap Tr intersection near gate on FR66.
9.0 Trail goes west off FR66.
9.5 Tuscarora Tr (Doll Ridge section) rejoins and runs concurrent for 35 yd.
10.7 Mine Gap Tr intersection.
14.2 SR758, Woodstock Tower Road crosses.
16.0 Lupton Tr intersection.
17.5 7 Bar None Tr intersection.
20.2 Bear Trap Tr intersection.
21.8 Join Peters Mill Run Tr to run concurrent to point 22.4.
22.4 SR675, Edinburg Gap Road crosses. Continue on FR374.
22.8 Leave FR374 going west.
29.5 FR374 crosses.
30.4 SR730, Moreland Gap Road crosses.
32.0 Jawbone Gap Tr intersection. A 0.2 mi spur trail to Jawbone Overlook.
36.8 FR274, Crisman Hollow Road crosses.
38.0 Massanutten Connector Tr intersection.
40.1 Scothorn Gap Tr intersection.
42.8 Gap Creek Tr intersection.
46.1 SR675, Camp Roosevelt Road crosses. Camp Roosevelt nearby.
46.2 Stephens Tr intersection.
47.0 SR675, at Edith Gap.
49.4 Kennedy Peak Tr intersection.
50.3 Stephens Tr intersection.
53.0 Habron Gap Tr intersection
56.5 Indian Grave Ridge Tr intersection.
57.9 Milford Gap Tr intersection.
61.4 Tuscarora Tr joins from the east, and runs concurrent with the Massanutten Tr to point 70.5.
62.3 Little Crease Shelter.
62.4 Veach Gap Tr intersection.
65.7 Sherman Gap Tr joins from east, runs concurrent.
65.9 Sherman Gap Tr goes west.
68.1 Shawl Gap Tr and Buzzard Rock Tr intersection.
70.3 SR678, Fort Valley Road crosses.
70.5 Tuscarora Tr (Bear Wallow section) turns west.
71.1 Signal Knob Parking, SR678.

Short Mtn. from Kennedy Peak
Short Mtn. from Kennedy Peak

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