How to Get a Photo

All of these pictures are free. (Course, you get what you pay for!) Here is how you can get a picture.

All photos, except as marked, are by Anstr Davidson. He used a Kodak digital camera for the shots at the first aid station and a Canon S110 digital camera for the pictures at the finish line. Each collage is composed of several individual shots. The individual shots are in JPEG format and the file size is over one megabyte for the Kodak shots (from the first aid station) and about 700 to 900 kb for the finish line shots. The shots vary in quality.

If you want a photo:

I will e-mail the the orginal, uncropped file to you. If you are on a slow connection to the Internet, the e-mail will take awhile to download. If that is a problem, I will send you a file of reduced size (but of lesser quality).

We hope you enjoy your picture!