2014 Results

Top three runners from the 2014 event. Photos by Aaron Schwartzbard.
Top three runners from the 2014 event. Photos by Aaron Schwartzbard.

22nd Annual
VHTRC Women’s Half Marathon Trail Run
Fountainhead Regional Park, Virginia
Saturday, September 13, 2014

The 10-day weather forecast promised a perfect race day… and then talk turned to rain. For the first time in recent memory, volunteers had to wear rain jackets at the Women’s Half Marathon, though the tree cover somewhat protected the starting field of 216 women. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief that the expected rain didn’t materialize until two hours into the race and lasted just a few minutes before the sky truly opened up around noon. The slick conditions on the course contributed to more injuries than we’ve seen in a while, with multiple contenders for the VHTRC’s informal “best blood” award.

Course record holder Martha Nelson won the 2014 event in 1:36:29, beating out Justine Morrison’s second-place finish of 1:40:21. Although Justine stuck to Martha’s tail throughout the race, Martha widened her lead by a minute during the second half. Third-place finisher Sydney Sumner clocked in at 1:49:36 and shared a second-place win in the mother-daughter team competition with her mom, Susan Sumner. Robin Watkins did the club proud with her first VHTRC finish, an award that recognizes the best time among club members who don’t finish in the top three positions. Robin ran it in with friend Liana “the bachelorette” Heiten, who came in sixth overall and used the race to celebrate a last hurrah with her girlfriends before her marriage to club member to Jon Loewus-Deitch. All the best, Liana and JLD!

Anne and Rhea Weaver won the mother-daughter competition with a combined time of 4:25:38, shared in spirit by Anne’s two other daughters, Sarah and Erin, who finished the race together. Congratulations, Weavers! Team competition veterans Lenore and Celia Studt took third with a combined time of 5:06:16. Ten teams were formed for the 2014 event – the most ever – and all the mothers and daughters finished the race.

One hundred ninety-four women completed the course, enjoying the VHTRC’s legendary aid station hospitality. The sombrero-rocking volunteers at Wolf Run Shoals once again transformed a field into Juanita’s Cantina, upping the food and beverage ante to give runners a final push back to the finish. Chefs Mario and Tom mixed up amazing smoothies at the finish line, and the men of the club warbled through another rendition of “Happy Trails” to send everyone off at the start. Women who picked up a silly costume at an aid station and ran back to the finish received chocolate truffles in return, and the cheeseburger hat gained in fame.

As always, the volunteer support at the race was unparalleled, with a helper-to-runner ratio of about 1:3. A huge thanks to our army of amazing volunteers!

See you next year! Until then, happy trails…


Overall | Age Group | Mother-Daughter

2014 Women’s Half Marathon Results: Overall
Place Name Age Home Time VHTRC
1Martha Nelson33Washington, DC01:36:29VHTRC
2Justine Morrison34Bethesda, MD01:40:21
3Sydney Sumner19Blacksburg, VA01:49:36
4Kim Coffield33Fairfax, VA01:56:17
5Carolyn Browder24Apt 205, VA01:57:48
6Liana Heitin32Washington, DC01:58:59
7Robin Watkins31Washington, DC01:59:00VHTRC
8Lymaris Viruet29Silver Spring, MD02:00:42
9Kate Alvarado33Springfield, VA02:01:35
10Julia Snyder30Washington, DC02:01:43
11Erin Dlugacz28Washington, DC02:03:29
12Nicolien Wilder51Crozet, VA02:05:11
12Rebecca Weast27Charlottesville, VA02:05:11VHTRC
13Rhea Weaver23Philadelphia, PA02:05:13
14Mackenzie Dickson26Ashburn, VA02:07:15
15Monika Bachmann49Upper Marlboro, MD02:07:18
16Elizabeth MacDonald31Mclean, VA02:07:20
17Ellen Reynolds22Alexandria, VA02:07:25
18Katherine Mariska29Burke, VA02:07:28
19Jacqueline Shughart38Forest Hill, MD02:07:37
20Jen Page42Arlington, VA02:07:51VHTRC
21Denise Steyaert33Berryville, VA02:08:03
22Andrea Wells42Burke, VA02:08:58
23Ashley Butler28Baltimore, MD02:09:24
24Sierra Schenk37Lusby, MD02:12:40
25Megan Carnes27Leesburg, VA02:12:55
26Mary Kusler37Arlington, VA02:13:30
27Elizabeth Long39Washington, DC02:14:09
28Amy Mortimer49Arlington, VA02:14:34
29Kim O'Brien42Potomac Falls, VA02:15:16VHTRC
30Melania Saraniero40Arlington, VA02:15:18
31Jennifer Colman50Vienna, VA02:16:23VHTRC
32Holly Armstrong38Reston, VA02:16:24
33Sonya Bingham33Springfield, VA02:16:27
34Rebecca Cassilly42Mechanicsville, VA02:17:09
35Laura Digges37Spotsylvania, VA02:17:23
36Lonna Mayer38Fredericksburg, VA02:17:24
37Kristin Garcia33Springfield, VA02:18:28
38Ashley Gerber31Reston, VA02:19:46
38Kathryn Laughon49Charlottesville, VA02:19:46
39Denise Coll53Alexandria, VA02:20:12VHTRC
40Patricia Miller57Hamilton, VA02:20:22
41Anne Weaver55Hummelstown, PA02:20:25
42Suzannah Feldman23Staunton, VA02:20:26
43Kylie Thorpe22Charlottesville, VA02:21:30
44Meg Wiegand29Washington, DC02:21:37VHTRC
45Dawn Ginsburg37Crozet, VA02:21:43
46Amy Albu38Palmyra , VA02:21:51
47Noelle Ellerson32Arlington, VA02:21:52
48Andrea Miller45Bel Air, MD02:21:57
49Trista Johnson30Aldie, VA02:22:28
50Kami Veltri25Washington, DC02:22:29
51Leah Kasowitz32Washington, DC02:22:47VHTRC
52Elaine Maag41Arlington, VA02:22:57VHTRC
53Karen McCarthy43Richmond, VA02:23:00
54Iva Maxwell35Washington, DC02:23:06
55Jayme Dubinsky31Alexandria, VA02:23:10VHTRC
56Elayne Chow43Washington, DC02:23:19
57Stephanie Danahy57Fairfax Station, VA02:23:26VHTRC
58Kelly Fredgren48Charlottesville, VA02:23:36
59Jennifer Spencer44Fairfax, VA02:23:44
60Natalie MacDonald41Great Falls, VA02:23:46
61Louise Bassette26Arlington, VA02:24:06
62Jessica Kenyon38Washington, DC02:24:34
63Christiana Fogg36Kensington, MD02:25:10
64Claudia Ducker46Annapolis, MD02:25:22
65Katie Higginbothom32Alexandria, VA02:25:23
66Anne McNamara32Miami Beach, FL02:25:43
67Jenn Tawney33Joppa, MD02:25:44
68Heather Hochberg45Rockville, MD02:25:45
68Meg Jones26Alexandria, VA02:25:45
68Sarah Bolton31Washington, DC02:25:45
68Sydney Wicks22North Garden, VA02:25:45
69Brie Ritchey35Burke, VA02:26:05
70Cecily Elliot36Springfield , VA02:26:06
71Allison Abbe39Leesburg, VA02:26:52VHTRC
72Nancy Glass46Baltimore , MD02:26:56
73Dana Smith51Annapolis, MD02:26:58
74Cortney Higgins35Washington, DC02:27:00
75Michelle Campbell34Washington, DC02:27:03
76Monique Younger57Fairfax, VA02:27:49
77Jen Jacobs37Washington, DC02:27:56VHTRC
78Keri Lewis40Alexandria, VA02:28:01
79Janie Lyman44Berryville , VA02:28:06
80Katie Kerr-Hobert35Berryville , VA02:28:07
81Meghan Dombrink-Green31Washington, DC02:28:39
82Laura Manaker33Washington, DC02:28:40
83Rae Kartchner46Vienna, VA02:28:59
84Joy Turkal31Durham, NC02:29:18
85Jen Sholtis40Locust Grove, VA02:29:19
86Belinda McGehee26Oakton, VA02:29:34
87Karen Donohue44Rockville, MD02:30:17VHTRC
88Alisha Sharma24Chantilly, VA02:30:19
89Heidi Walsh48Leesburg, VA02:30:28
90Jennifer Charkoudian48Gaithersburg, MD02:31:09
91Maureen Roden49Severna Park, MD02:31:26
92Cindy Cohen46Washington, DC02:31:37
93Kristen Wagner27Berryville, VA02:31:45
94Christina Stigliani32Arlington, VA02:32:13
95Jessica Friedman43Annandale, VA02:32:14
96Kristi Clement46Mount Airy, MD02:32:27
97Agnese Bellani35Arlington , VA02:32:37
98Christine Kringer38Arlington, VA02:32:50
99Celia Studt22Columbia, MD02:33:08
99Lenore Studt49Columbia, MD02:33:08
100Kathleen Zielenski41Abingdon, MD02:34:11
101Adriane Underwood26Brooklyn, NY02:34:25
101Emily Underwood29Washington, DC02:34:25
102Becki Spiering33Arlington, VA02:34:35
103Laura Holian36Alexandria, VA02:34:36
104Rachel Defibaugh29Alexandria, VA02:35:14
105Liz Cherry37Alexandria, VA02:35:30
106Christy Finn44Alexandria, VA02:35:31
106Jaime Dawson37Alexandria, VA02:35:31
106Jeannette Haynie39Alexandria, VA02:35:31
107Susan Blair47Richmond, VA02:35:43
108Debi Capella45Frederick, MD02:35:45
109Christine Purpura37Baltimore, MD02:35:46
110Traci Kann42Westminster, MD02:36:58
111Kate Wise38Potomac, MD02:37:04
111Michelle Olaya37Alexandria, VA02:37:04
112Sonia Jarboe36Alexandria , VA02:37:20
113Lisa Coughlin34Alexandria, VA02:37:21
114Jolene Gerlach29Waterford, PA02:37:23
115Sara Mariska33Arlington, VA02:38:02
116Melissa Morgan29Herndon, VA02:38:41
116Nanette Melton55Westminster, MD02:38:41
117Shawney Tagg27Leesburg, VA02:38:42
118Jennifer Griffith41Herndon, VA02:38:58
119Carole Williamson53Eldersburg, MD02:39:51VHTRC
120Sirisha Golla40Ashburn, VA02:39:55
121Barbara Werner54Hamburg, PA02:40:11
122Tina Starkey34Abingdon, MD02:40:13
123Jeana Connaughton35Alexandria, VA02:40:15
124Danielle Newman37McLean, VA02:41:33
125Maria Bertacchi50Falls Church, VA02:41:48VHTRC
126Sarah Thompson38Bel Ait, MD02:42:56
127Carrie Drummond40Alexandria, VA02:42:59
128Danielle Christensen30Alexandria, VA02:43:27
129Rebecca Underhill34Silver Spring, MD02:43:32
130Jena Spearin40Crozet, VA02:43:40
131Michelle Andersen39Crozet, VA02:43:42VHTRC
132Amanda Kauffman26Leonardtown, MD02:44:40
133Grace Tran36Columbia, MD02:44:49VHTRC
134Leah Kauffman45Rockvile, MD02:45:04
135Erin Brown31Alexandria , VA02:45:12VHTRC
136Jaquisha Kearson30Columbia, MD02:46:32
137Melissa Romano42Reston, VA02:46:37
138Karen Willard38Arlington, VA02:47:01
139Agnes Powers41Reston, VA02:47:14
140Chris Rumohr-Webster53Reston, VA02:47:40
141Lori LaCombe45Baltimore, MD02:48:06
142Jamie Ballard31Berryville, VA02:48:07
143Joan Kelsch51Arlington, VA02:48:08
143Mary Greer56Washington, DC02:48:08
144Grace Schutte22Winchester, VA02:48:13
144Katie Keier44Alexandria, VA02:48:13VHTRC
145Carolyn Wilson54Winchester, VA02:48:15VHTRC
146Susan Sumner53Blacksburg, VA02:48:34
147Ann Mabry54Arlington, VA02:48:52
147Beverly Li35Alexandria , VA02:48:52
148Yvonne VanLowe47Bethesda, MD02:48:57
149Christina Berry44Mechanicsville, VA02:49:07
150Erin Weaver27Richmond, VA02:49:37
150Sarah Weaver29Philadelphia, PA02:49:37
151Laura Parsons-Wandell44Bethesda, MD02:50:22
152Ann Wicks55North Garden, VA02:50:23
153Louisa Tran40Reston, VA02:50:40
154Laurie Timberlake39Washington, DC02:52:30
155Kirstin Corris43Washington, DC02:52:39VHTRC
156Loretta Cataldi46Mechanicsville, VA02:52:47VHTRC
157Francesca Smith25Scaggsville, MD02:53:24
158Roxann Dzur41Alexandria, VA02:53:46
159Julia Kent32Washington, DC02:53:53
160Pamela Gowen62Keymar, MD02:55:37VHTRC
161Teri Simonds55Leesburg, VA02:56:06VHTRC
162Laura Norcutt55Reston, VA02:56:15
163Becky Kosten51Leonardtown, MD02:56:50
164Alice Burns35Alexandria, VA02:58:04
165Stephanie Song24Aldie, VA02:58:34
166Stacy Garn45Annapolis, MD02:59:43
167Eleanor Adcock48Silver Spring, MD02:59:52
168Allison Wagner42Reston, VA03:00:08
169Kristi Craighead45Martinsburg, WV03:01:04
170April Godlewski30Arlington, VA03:06:21
171Tia Bent29Arlington, VA03:06:23
172Jessica Rivas41Scottsdale , AZ03:06:26
173Lauren Mayrides31Fairfax, VA03:06:44
174Julie Sayles19Lititz, PA03:06:45
175Catherine Lewis35Merrifield, VA03:07:48
176Tammy Cason52Fairfax, VA03:08:36
177Kristen Burke43Oak Hill, VA03:11:51
178Teresa Ambrosius40Vienna, VA03:12:26
179Carolyn O'Donnell32Washington, DC03:12:47
180Rebecca Schmidt32Washington, DC03:12:48
181Delia Edelmann62Edgewater, MD03:16:55
182Maureen Rohrs58Severna Park, MD03:17:27
183Laura Falsone51Edgewater, MD03:17:28VHTRC
184Clara Lau33Arlington, VA03:19:32
184Karla Perez30Alexandria, VA03:19:32
185Sarah Lindemann22Manassas, VA03:20:27
186Marty Lindemann53Manassas, VA03:20:28
187Caitlin Gould30Washington, DC03:23:03
188Karlene Defibaugh53Alexandria, VA03:23:27
189Meghan Clayton28Springfield, VA03:23:47
190Gina Stracuzzi57Vienna, VA03:26:39
191Dana Bender48Washington, DC03:27:43
192Elizabeth Uyeda52Fairfax, VA03:27:46
193Lori Joseph58Roanoke, VA03:28:41
194Karen Bybee57Vienna, VA03:34:09
2014 Women’s Half Marathon Results: Age Group Awards
Group Place Overall Place Name Age Time
19 and under
13Sydney Sumner1901:49:36
2189Julie Sayles1903:06:45
15Carolyn Browder2401:57:48
214Rhea Weaver2302:05:13
318Ellen Reynolds2202:07:25
444Suzannah Feldman2302:20:26
545Kylie Thorpe2202:21:30
670Sydney Wicks2202:25:45
793Alisha Sharma2402:30:19
8104Celia Studt2202:33:08
9156Grace Schutte2202:48:13
10180Stephanie Song2402:58:34
11201Sarah Lindemann2203:20:27
18Lymaris Viruet2902:00:42
211Erin Dlugacz2802:03:29
312Rebecca Weast2702:05:11
415Mackenzie Dickson2602:07:15
519Katherine Mariska2902:07:28
624Ashley Butler2802:09:24
726Megan Carnes2702:12:55
846Meg Wiegand2902:21:37
952Kami Veltri2502:22:29
1063Louise Bassette2602:24:06
1170Meg Jones2602:25:45
1291Belinda McGehee2602:29:34
1398Kristen Wagner2702:31:45
14107Adriane Underwood2602:34:25
15107Emily Underwood2902:34:25
16111Rachel Defibaugh2902:35:14
17124Jolene Gerlach2902:37:23
18126Melissa Morgan2902:38:41
19128Shawney Tagg2702:38:42
20143Amanda Kauffman2602:44:40
21164Erin Weaver2702:49:37
22164Sarah Weaver2902:49:37
23172Francesca Smith2502:53:24
24186Tia Bent2903:06:23
25205Meghan Clayton2803:23:47
11Martha Nelson3301:36:29
22Justine Morrison3401:40:21
34Kim Coffield3301:56:17
46Liana Heitin3201:58:59
57Robin Watkins3101:59:00
69Kate Alvarado3302:01:35
710Julia Snyder3002:01:43
817Elizabeth MacDonald3102:07:20
922Denise Steyaert3302:08:03
1034Sonya Bingham3302:16:27
1138Kristin Garcia3302:18:28
1239Ashley Gerber3102:19:46
1349Noelle Ellerson3202:21:52
1451Trista Johnson3002:22:28
1553Leah Kasowitz3202:22:47
1657Jayme Dubinsky3102:23:10
1767Katie Higginbothom3202:25:23
1868Anne McNamara3202:25:43
1969Jenn Tawney3302:25:44
2070Sarah Bolton3102:25:45
2180Michelle Campbell3402:27:03
2286Meghan Dombrink-Green3102:28:39
2387Laura Manaker3302:28:40
2489Joy Turkal3102:29:18
2599Christina Stigliani3202:32:13
26109Becki Spiering3302:34:35
27123Lisa Coughlin3402:37:21
28125Sara Mariska3302:38:02
29133Tina Starkey3402:40:13
30139Danielle Christensen3002:43:27
31140Rebecca Underhill3402:43:32
32146Erin Brown3102:45:12
33147Jaquisha Kearson3002:46:32
34153Jamie Ballard3102:48:07
35174Julia Kent3202:53:53
36185April Godlewski3003:06:21
37188Lauren Mayrides3103:06:44
38194Carolyn O'Donnell3203:12:47
39195Rebecca Schmidt3203:12:48
40199Clara Lau3303:19:32
41199Karla Perez3003:19:32
42203Caitlin Gould3003:23:03
120Jacqueline Shughart3802:07:37
225Sierra Schenk3702:12:40
327Mary Kusler3702:13:30
428Elizabeth Long3902:14:09
533Holly Armstrong3802:16:24
636Laura Digges3702:17:23
737Lonna Mayer3802:17:24
847Dawn Ginsburg3702:21:43
948Amy Albu3802:21:51
1056Iva Maxwell3502:23:06
1164Jessica Kenyon3802:24:34
1265Christiana Fogg3602:25:10
1374Brie Ritchey3502:26:05
1475Cecily Elliot3602:26:06
1576Allison Abbe3902:26:52
1679Cortney Higgins3502:27:00
1782Jen Jacobs3702:27:56
1885Katie Kerr-Hobert3502:28:07
19102Agnese Bellani3502:32:37
20103Christine Kringer3802:32:50
21110Laura Holian3602:34:36
22112Liz Cherry3702:35:30
23113Jaime Dawson3702:35:31
24113Jeannette Haynie3902:35:31
25118Christine Purpura3702:35:46
26120Kate Wise3802:37:04
27120Michelle Olaya3702:37:04
28122Sonia Jarboe3602:37:20
29134Jeana Connaughton3502:40:15
30135Danielle Newman3702:41:33
31137Sarah Thompson3802:42:56
32142Michelle Andersen3902:43:42
33144Grace Tran3602:44:49
34149Karen Willard3802:47:01
35160Beverly Li3502:48:52
36169Laurie Timberlake3902:52:30
37179Alice Burns3502:58:04
38190Catherine Lewis3503:07:48
121Jen Page4202:07:51
223Andrea Wells4202:08:58
330Kim O'Brien4202:15:16
431Melania Saraniero4002:15:18
535Rebecca Cassilly4202:17:09
654Elaine Maag4102:22:57
755Karen McCarthy4302:23:00
858Elayne Chow4302:23:19
961Jennifer Spencer4402:23:44
1062Natalie MacDonald4102:23:46
1183Keri Lewis4002:28:01
1284Janie Lyman4402:28:06
1390Jen Sholtis4002:29:19
1492Karen Donohue4402:30:17
15100Jessica Friedman4302:32:14
16106Kathleen Zielenski4102:34:11
17113Christy Finn4402:35:31
18119Traci Kann4202:36:58
19129Jennifer Griffith4102:38:58
20131Sirisha Golla4002:39:55
21138Carrie Drummond4002:42:59
22141Jena Spearin4002:43:40
23148Melissa Romano4202:46:37
24150Agnes Powers4102:47:14
25156Katie Keier4402:48:13
26163Christina Berry4402:49:07
27166Laura Parsons-Wandell4402:50:22
28168Louisa Tran4002:50:40
29170Kirstin Corris4302:52:39
30173Roxann Dzur4102:53:46
31183Allison Wagner4203:00:08
32187Jessica Rivas4103:06:26
33192Kristen Burke4303:11:51
34193Teresa Ambrosius4003:12:26
116Monika Bachmann4902:07:18
229Amy Mortimer4902:14:34
339Kathryn Laughon4902:19:46
450Andrea Miller4502:21:57
560Kelly Fredgren4802:23:36
666Claudia Ducker4602:25:22
770Heather Hochberg4502:25:45
877Nancy Glass4602:26:56
988Rae Kartchner4602:28:59
1094Heidi Walsh4802:30:28
1195Jennifer Charkoudian4802:31:09
1296Maureen Roden4902:31:26
1397Cindy Cohen4602:31:37
14101Kristi Clement4602:32:27
15104Lenore Studt4902:33:08
16116Susan Blair4702:35:43
17117Debi Capella4502:35:45
18145Leah Kauffman4502:45:04
19152Lori LaCombe4502:48:06
20162Yvonne VanLowe4702:48:57
21171Loretta Cataldi4602:52:47
22181Stacy Garn4502:59:43
23182Eleanor Adcock4802:59:52
24184Kristi Craighead4503:01:04
25207Dana Bender4803:27:43
112Nicolien Wilder5102:05:11
232Jennifer Colman5002:16:23
341Denise Coll5302:20:12
478Dana Smith5102:26:58
5130Carole Williamson5302:39:51
6132Barbara Werner5402:40:11
7136Maria Bertacchi5002:41:48
8151Chris Rumohr-Webster5302:47:40
9154Joan Kelsch5102:48:08
10158Carolyn Wilson5402:48:15
11159Susan Sumner5302:48:34
12160Ann Mabry5402:48:52
13178Becky Kosten5102:56:50
14191Tammy Cason5203:08:36
15198Laura Falsone5103:17:28
16202Marty Lindemann5303:20:28
17204Karlene Defibaugh5303:23:27
18208Elizabeth Uyeda5203:27:46
142Patricia Miller5702:20:22
243Anne Weaver5502:20:25
359Stephanie Danahy5702:23:26
481Monique Younger5702:27:49
5126Nanette Melton5502:38:41
6154Mary Greer5602:48:08
7167Ann Wicks5502:50:23
8176Teri Simonds5502:56:06
9177Laura Norcutt5502:56:15
10197Maureen Rohrs5803:17:27
11206Gina Stracuzzi5703:26:39
12209Lori Joseph5803:28:41
13210Karen Bybee5703:34:09
60 and over
1175Pamela Gowen6202:55:37
2196Delia Edelmann6203:16:55
2014 Women’s Half Marathon Results: Mother-Daughter Team Competition
Team Place Team Name Combined Time Mother Daughter
1Weaver-Rhea04:25:38Anne Weaver02:20:25Rhea Weaver02:05:13
2Sumner04:38:10Susan Sumner02:48:34Sydney Sumner01:49:36
3Studt05:06:16Lenore Studt02:33:08Celia Studt02:33:08
4Weaver-Sarah05:10:02Anne Weaver02:20:25Sarah Weaver02:49:37
5Weaver-Erin05:10:02Anne Weaver02:20:25Erin Weaver02:49:37
6Wicks05:16:08Ann Wicks02:50:23Sydney Wicks02:25:45
7Danahy-Rivas05:29:52Stephanie Danahy02:23:26Jessica Rivas03:06:26
8Wilson-Schutte05:36:28Carolyn Wilson02:48:15Grace Schutte02:48:13
9Defibaugh05:58:41Karlene Defibaugh03:23:27Rachel Defibaugh02:35:14
10Lindemann06:40:55Marty Lindemann03:20:28Sarah Lindemann03:20:27


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