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The Tenth Annual VHTRC Women's Half Marathon Trail Run

Male Cheerleading

Saturday, September 14, 2002


Male Cheerleading SquadAt the August 31 practice run we held tryout for the all-male cheerleading squad. These guys need a lot of work. Below are the some examples of cheers for the race. They are not original. They are taken from existing cheers posted to the web (you really can find anything on the internet) and modified in some, but not all cases, for the trail race.


("X" = pause or a claps!)

Runners lets see you go-GO
Runners lets see you take-FLIGHT
Runners lets see you run like the-Wind
Runners lets see you go, take flight, like the wind


Hey you (x)
Get out of (x) the way (x,x)
Cuz today (x) is the day (x)
The runners come this way x,x)!


We ain't shy and we ain't cocky,
'gonna run so fast, like a cowisocky! goin a-zoom zoom x x x a-zoom zoom!


Lemonade crunchie ice,
Run up the trail once (clap, clap) Run down the trail twice (clap clap)
Run up from the bottom, run down from the top,
Run on the level, run til' you drop!


We're sure you'll agree
Top quality, first rate
Believe that you can do it
Your running is first rate!!!!!


We're Peppy, We're Peppy,
We Give It All We Got,
We're Peppy, We're Peppy,
We're Sssss Hot!


There's Motion In The Ocean,
There's Beat In The Street,
So Come On Everybody And Run with Both Your Feet!


S-P-I (clap, clap) R-I-T (clap clap)
Spirit, Spirit (clap, clap)
Let's hear it


Here come the runners, running without rest
Today they will show us their running is the best!
Stand up and shout for the women on the trails
Run! Run! Run! But (please) don't trod on us poor males!!!

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