Hashawha Hills 50km

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If you enter first and last names, you get only people who match both. So "B Smith" will match "Bill Smith" but not "Sam Smith." Just entering "Smith" will match both Bill and Sam. It will also match Fred Smithsonian.

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Search returns a list from which you pick the record to view.

We have data on all those who have finished the Hashawha Hills 50km though we don't have some runner information, like age and state, from some years. You can search various ways to find prior performers or performances.

Fixing Errors: The database will make it easier to fix the inevitable errors. If you ran under different names, your number of finishes will not be correct. Please let us know at anstr@vhtrc.org if you see a problem.

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There are two ways to search. If you are interested in one runner, use the box above. You can find all the information we have on anyone who has ever finished the event. If you want lists of runners, use the box below.

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