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    Photo Credits:
    Anstr Davidson--unmarked
    Russ Evans--"RE"
    Chris Scott--"CS"

    Chain Saw Trip--February 18

  • Mike and Wil on the trail
  • Sawing logs
  • Anstr at the overlook
  • Peyton at the overlook
  • The Shenandoah Valley (big file)
  • The one that is still there
  • Kennedy Peak
  • On the Trail
  • We didn't even bend over to pick up this rock--it is still there!
  • Trail Work Party--February 9

  • Darn, that was a long ride after a BIG cup of coffee! (CS)
  • Rebecca, Jim, Gina, and Tom on Kerns Mt. (CS)
  • Keith, John, and Mary ready for work on top of Jawbone
  • View from Jawbone of east ridge of the Massanutten Mtn including Kennedy Peak (Blue Ridge in background)
  • Mary, Anstr, and Keith on top of Jawbone
  • Workers take union-mandated lunch break
  • Chris, James, and Tom at work (CS)
  • Rebecca Moore on the trail (CS)
  • Tom and Gina (CS)
  • Before: Chris inspects limbs that block trail
  • Using skilled lumberjack techniques, Chris saws while Tom and Jim apply brute force
  • Crew after victory over the down limbs
  • After: Keith, Mary, Rebecca, and Tom inspect new trail that now goes around to the right
  • Typical trail section on Kearns Mtn.
  • Typical rocks on the trail
  • Before: another log across the trail
  • After: Log is now off the trail
  • ...and makes a good bench!
  • This log is still there. You can get over it easily at the low point
  • Intersection at Jawbone Gap--note blazes in three colors
  • Workers take the rocks off the course!
  • After the work (this car is NOT moving!) (CS)
  • Chris and James relax after the day's work
  • They drink lime juice to replace lost Vitamin C
  • Rebecca, Anstr, and Bill also replace lost Vitamin C (CS)
  • Jalisco (CS)
  • Large crowd shows up for the Sunday run
  • Russ Evans's group starts its post work run--going up Jawbone (RE)
  • View of Duncan Knob from top of Jawbone (RE)
  • Russ's Group at top of Jawbone