How to Get a Photo

All of these pictures are free. (Course, you get what you pay for!) Here is how you can get a picture.

All photos, except as marked, are by Anstr Davidson. He used a Canon S110 digital camera (the official camera of the VHTRC) to take the pictures. Each collage is composed of several individual shots. The individual shots are 1024 x 768 in JPEG format and the file size is between 250 and 300 kb. The shots vary in quality. For the sake of the collage, a few good pictures are not shown in their glory.

If you want a photo:

I will e-mail the file to you. It will be up to 300 kb and will not be cropped. That well be the best quality version of the file. If your Internet connection is slow, the file will take a while to download. I have many other photos that are not on the Web site. I will look for other shots of you and send them in the same e-mail. Please tell me if this will cause a problem. I can send separate messages or not send the additional ones at all, if you ask.