Photos from the 2014 MMT

There were several volunteer photographers at the 2014 MMT. We expect they have have many good pictures. We expect others will have pictures.

If you took pictures and want to share them, please send us a link and we will post it here. If you send us a link, we hope you will agree with the usuage policy below.

For the most part, runners in the event may use these photos for a legitimate, non-commercial purpose including posting on their blog or their non-commercial Web site. Runners may also download a photo's image file and then print it. You may use your own printer or a commercial service.

For any other use, including use in any commercial context, please contact the photographer first.

In any case of public use, the photo should be attributed to the photographer. "Attributed" means putting the photographer's name in the caption to the photo or, if it has no caption, in the neighboring text.