Massanutten Mt. Trails 100 Miler
Solo Division

May 16-17, 2015
George Washington National Forest, Virginia

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Finishers in the Solo Division did not use a pacer or crew and did not receive artificial assistance throught the use of personal listening devices.

Solo Men
12Jason Lantz3421:16:43
23Joan Roch4122:13:22
35Denis Cook3223:48:54
46Tim Toogood4523:56:46
510Guillermo E Ayala4125:45:02
611Conrado Bermudez4225:45:03
712Keith Knipling3926:18:00
815Jake Rankinen3026:51:57
917Bryson Smith2627:33:24
1020Randy Yasenchak5527:40:05
1123Pierre Lequient4728:12:36
1227Christopher Dempsey3728:30:46
1330Jason Brady3628:41:44
1431Heath Harris2328:50:49
1534Jason Friedman3329:31:03
1636Dana Sanford3429:47:51
1739Jim Harris5029:57:29
1840Chris McIntosh4130:15:16
1942David Robart2930:17:23
2044Jeff Smith4330:35:40
2146Christopher Agbay3730:51:28
2260Levi Rizk3132:24:57
2366Otto Lam4132:41:10
2468Greg Trapp5233:03:34
2570John W. Taylor5333:06:43
2671Gary Maier6233:08:30
2783Tom Page4733:59:38
2884Ernesto Casarez5934:11:40
2985Jason Maruccio3834:13:59
3086Roy Heger6034:18:18
3190John Godinet5834:26:43
3295Gene Meade5134:41:49
3396Martin Lowenfish4634:42:59
34106Allan Holtz6535:05:49
35111Sean Lawler4335:31:04
36118Sherman Criner4935:57:27
Solo Women
143Susan Donnelly5230:19:11
275Marie Garmat5033:39:11

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